Knight: An Elegant, Versatile, and Dependable Communication Paper at an Affordable Price

In the world of communication, where first impressions matter, finding the perfect medium that embodies confidence and strength at an affordable price is crucial.

Knight, available in Smooth, Vellum, Laid, and digital options, captures the true meaning of elegance conveying unique charm, allowing you to tailor your communication style to the specific tone you desire. Knight Smooth creates a sleek and polished look, perfect for formal invitations and corporate correspondence. Knight Vellum adds a touch of sophistication, providing a subtle texture that appeals to the tactile senses. For a more classic and timeless feel, Knight Laid introduces a delicate pattern that adds depth to your message. Knight Digital ensures compatibility with contemporary printing technologies.

A Palette of Possibilities – Colours play a vital role in conveying the intended message. Knight offers a carefully curated selection of colours that cater to a spectrum of communication needs. Choose the crisp white for a clean and professional appearance, ideal for business reports and official documents. The cream option adds warmth and a touch of traditional elegance, perfect for wedding invitations or personal letters. For a bold and impactful statement, the deep black is at your disposal, demanding attention and making a lasting impression.

Confidence in Every Weight – Communication materials come in various forms and require different weights to serve their purpose effectively. Knight recognises this diversity and boasts an extensive range of weights. From lightweight options suitable for delicate invitations to heavyweight choices that command attention in presentations and reports, Knight ensures that your message is conveyed with the confidence it deserves.

In the realm of communication, where every word and presentation matters, Knight emerges as the ideal choice for those seeking elegance, versatility, and dependability—all at an affordable price. With its array of finishes, colours, and weights, Knight provides a canvas for your creativity and professionalism to shine. Elevate your communications with the sophistication and reliability that Knight brings to the table.

Reuse, Recycle & Restore With Mohawk Renewal Hemp Paper

Mohawk Renewal Hemp embodies a powerful narrative of sustainability by pioneering a transformative future forming the foundation of a remarkable sustainability journey. In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, Mohawk embarked on a mission to redefine the conventional norms of fibre sourcing with the crafting of this new paper using hemp fibre. Renewal Hemp is a story of reconnecting with the rich heritage of hemp fibres that were once the backbone of American industry until their prohibition in the 1930s.

The creation of a sustainable, low-carbon process to transform hemp stalks into pulp for paper production was developed by PureHemp Technology. This revolutionary approach not only resurrects traditional practice but also fuels the burgeoning legal cannabis industries, underlining the pivotal role of hemp in modern sustainability. Unlike the protracted growth cycle of trees, hemp matures in as little as 90 days. This rapid growth makes it a beacon of sustainability. Moreover, the process of converting hemp into pulp demands fewer chemicals, less water, and reduced energy, offering a greener alternative across a myriad of paper products.

The Renewal Hemp product line embodies sustainable principles in tangible form, available in clean white and fibre white shades. These papers comprise a blend of hemp fibres, FSC-certified materials, and post-consumer waste, emphasising their commitment to ecological stewardship. The use of wind power further underscores the dedication to clean, sustainable energy. Yet, perhaps the most compelling aspect of Renewal Hemp is its ability to reduce waste and pollution by repurposing agricultural byproducts and textile scraps that might otherwise end up in landfills. This initiative transforms discarded materials into the building blocks of creativity, fostering a sense of responsibility and environmental harmony.

Renewal Hemp’s sustainability story harks back to the past while propelling us into a brighter, more environmentally conscious future. Mohawk’s innovative approach to fibre sourcing and paper production reflects a profound commitment to preserving our planet’s resources, reminding us that sustainability is not just a concept but a journey with a rich narrative that we all contribute to and benefit from.

By Gary Bowles

Crush! The Epic Journey of Agricultural Waste to Sustainable Paper!

In a world increasingly concerned with environmental impact, we are constantly seeking sustainable and eco-friendly products to make a difference. One such discovery that aligns perfectly with our mission is Crush, a remarkable line of papers by Favini.

Crush Grape: A Sustainable Revelation – Italy, renowned for its wine production, generates significant grape processing by-products. Crush Grape, a product born from the creative minds at Favini, takes these residues and transforms them into a valuable alternative raw material for paper production. The grape seeds and de-alcoholized marc are reimagined into Crush Grape paper, saving 15% virgin fibre and adhering to the principles of the circular economy. This ecological paper finds its purpose in luxury packaging, labels, invitations, and more. Imagine a wine bottle adorned with a label made from grape residues – a perfect synergy of sustainability and style.

Crush Kiwi: From Orchard to Eco-friendly Paper- Italy’s status as a leading kiwi producer brings forth another opportunity for sustainability. Crush Kiwi paper ingeniously reuses micronized kiwi residues, creating a recyclable material with seven potential life cycles within the paper production cycle. This eco-friendly solution helps reduce waste and minimise environmental impact.

Crush Citrus: Turning Waste into High-Quality Paper – Citrus fruit processing generates massive waste, including “depectinized mash.” Favini steps in to salvage this underutilised material, creatively transforming it into Crush Citrus paper. This innovation not only reduces landfill waste but also provides a prime raw material for eco-sustainable paper production.

Crush exemplifies how natural agricultural by-products can be harnessed to create high-quality, eco-friendly papers while adhering to ethical supply chains and circular economy principles. Crush represents a harmonious blend of innovation, sustainability, and style, paving the way for a greener future in the paper industry.

The Crush range also includes Corn, Cocoa and Olives arriving late September in Australia. What sets Crush papers range apart is its innovative use of natural agricultural by-products. These papers are crafted by upcycling 15% agro-industrial by-products, coupled with 40% post-consumer recycled paper fibre. This ingenious blend not only reduces waste but also minimises the demand for virgin resources, making it a win-win for both the environment and the circular economy.

Environmental impact is a critical concern in today’s world, and Crush addresses it head-on. Each sheet is produced with meticulous attention to emissions, which are not only measured but also completely offset. Moreover, the production process relies on renewable energy sources, with Favini taking pride in producing its own sustainable energy.

Crush boasts FSC™ certification, ensuring that these papers are not only friendly to the environment but also part of a larger movement toward responsible forestry practices. Crush is more than just paper; it is a harmonious blend between innovation, sustainability, and style. By embracing eco-innovative raw materials, offsetting emissions, and championing renewable energy, Crush leads the way towards a more environmentally conscious paper industry, setting an inspiring example for others to follow.

By Gary Bowles

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Elevate Your Printing with Ball & Doggett’s Megami Inks Partnership

In the field of LED-UV ink manufacturing, few names stand as tall as Megami Inks. Originating in Japan in 1928, Megami Inks boasts a longstanding tradition of providing state-of-the-art solutions that have garnered global recognition for their relentless pursuit of technological frontiers in UV, LED, Metallic and fluorescent ink manufacturing. Within Australia, the ongoing partnership between Ball & Doggett and Megami Inks is establishing a benchmark for innovation, quality, and success.

At the core of Megami Inks’ identity lies an unwavering commitment to quality. This commitment is particularly critical for high-volume printing businesses where ink quality directly impacts operational costs. Megami inks LED-UV, renowned for their efficiency and durability, lead to fewer ink changes, reduced waste, and extended machine life, providing substantial cost savings that accumulate over time.

An exceptional highlight within Megami’s range is the UV MEGACURE Series, which presents an array of Process and Pantone hues, along with metallic and fluorescent tones. Additionally, it includes both matte and gloss duct varnishes, which are available in HUV, LED, and UV series. Megami’s Metallics range is a triumph of Japanese technology, boasting a stabilized metallic surface that prevents oxidation, resulting in superior shine. The Megacure LED inks, shine with their remarkable half-tone dot vividness and transparency, producing printed materials of exceptional clarity. With a low tack property, they adapt well to diverse range of paper types, while its high scratch resistance and post-processing durability elevate its performance. The ink’s good adhesive properties enable printing on a select range of non-absorbent plastics and metallized paper.

The remarkable durability and versatility of Megami’s Megacure LED range of gold and silver metallic inks and coatings, excel in applications requiring enduring vibrancy, such as packaging, labels, and industrial prints. A key advantage of LED-UV inks lies in their rapid curing under light exposure, minimizing production time while boosting colour intensity and resistance properties.

The collaboration between Megami Inks and Ball & Doggett as the exclusive distributor of Megami’s comprehensive LED-UV ink collection stands as a testament to their joint dedication to excellence and innovation. Megami Inks’ focus on quality, affordability, and sustainability positions them as an ideal choice for businesses seeking value-driven solutions. With Megami’s cutting-edge technology and Ball & Doggett’s commitment to support, quality, and service, the union emerges as a beacon of premium products that empowers the Australian printing community to attain unparalleled levels of quality and efficiency. –  by Sam Varughese

Ball & Doggett Introduces New Lessebo Colours: The Perfect Replacement for Kaskad

In the world of creative design and print, paper selection plays a pivotal role in the final aesthetic and impact of any project. Ball & Doggett, a leading distributor of high-quality paper and communication materials, has always been at the forefront of introducing innovative and superior products to the market. Lessebo Coloursis a highly versatile range of eco-conscious papers, showcasing vibrant and sharp hues with maximum expression and minimal footprint. This innovative range offers 24 colours and a plethora of weight options as a replacement for the beloved Kaskad line.

Saying Goodbye to Kaskad

Recognizing the need for a paper range that not only matches but surpasses the capabilities of the well-loved Kaskad range, Ball & Doggett has introduced the Lessebo Colours paper range. While Kaskad has been a reliable choice for many projects, the Lessebo range takes a step forward, offering enhanced features that meet the needs of modern creative endeavours.

Exciting New Weights and Sheet Size

One of the standout features of the Lessebo Colours is the introduction of new weights, including a substantial 300gsm and a 120gsm option. This addition opens up a realm of possibilities for those seeking to make a bold statement with their designs. The heavier weight not only exudes a sense of quality and luxury but also provides improved durability, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The 120gsm text weight  making it an ideal choice for brochures, pamphlets, booklets, and a wide range of printed materials catering to projects that require a balance between substance and flexibility.

Larger Sheet Size: 700 x 1000mm

Furthermore, the Lessebo range boasts a larger sheet size of 700 x 1000, offering a canvas that is more expansive and accommodating for various design formats. This larger sheet size is a direct response to the evolving demands of the creative industry, which often requires greater flexibility in terms of maximising yield and minimising waste through layout and composition.

Unleashing Creativity with Lessebo Colours

Delivering a selection of 24 shades, this palette embarks on a journey of limitless expression, from vibrant and bold tones that command attention to subtle and delicate shades that evoke tranquillity, each colour in the Lessebo range is thoughtfully curated to harmonise effortlessly and lend excitement and impact to any project. Whether it’s a striking business card, an eye-catching promotional materials, poster, a colourful packaging choice, or a bold invitation, Lessebo Colours offers a platform that amplifies the impact of every commercial application. 

Environmental Considerations

In a world where sustainability is becoming a paramount concern, the Lessebo Colours is crafted with environmental consciousness in mind. The range is produced with sustainable practices and materials, allowing designers to choose an option that aligns with their values without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

Elevate Your Creative Projects with Lessebo Colours

The exciting new weights and larger sheet size provide designers, printers, and creatives with the tools they need to push boundaries and unlock new creative potential. With its versatility, durability, and eco-friendly approach, the Lessebo range stands ready to become an indispensable asset in the toolkit of every creative professional. In a world of printed communication, Lessebo Colours from Ball & Doggett is the canvas on which vibrant imaginations can truly thrive.

By Gary Bowles

Important Announcement from Conect Enterprises / Ball & Doggett Pty Ltd.

Ball & Doggett trading as Conect Enterprises is excited to announce a strategic and exclusive partnership with leading global Heat Transfer Vinyl manufacturer POLI-TAPE. 

Conect Enterprises are a leading supplier to the Sign, Display and Digital market for over 30 years and since 2010 been a market leader in the supply of Heat Transfer Films to the Signage and Craft market. 

Recently acquired by Ball & Doggett, Australia’s largest supplier of printable materials in September 2022, Conect are looking to further expand their range of products and services to support their clients’ growing needs.

Rob Brussolo General Manager Ball & Doggett – Sign, Display & Digital “The POLI-TAPE partnership is an exciting next step in our growth plans in the signage and craft market providing all existing Conect and Ball & Doggett customers access to a broader range of innovative and market leading heat transfer films. In addition, we will continue to support the market with local technical expertise and state-based stock holdings. We will be launching the new POLI-FLEX range by POLI-TAPE on the 13th November. In the interim we have sufficient stocks of Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl to ensure there will be no interruption to supply. More information will be provided over the coming weeks”

POLI-TAPE is an innovative family run business and is a global market leader in the manufacturing of high quality Textile Transfer Films, Digital Printing Media, Plotter and Laminating films as well as Adhesive Tapes for advertising and display lettering. Their films are used for enhancing artwork lettering on sport and casual clothes as well as advertisements on windows, cars and various other advertising spaces. With nearly 400 employees worldwide, they supply their customers high quality products in more than 90 countries all over the world.

Managing Director of POLI-TAPE Group Mark Wehrmann – “We are thrilled to partner with B&D to jointly bring the offering within the signage, retail and craft market to the next level in Australia. With our highest product quality standards as well as new innovative value adds, paired with B&D local expertise the foundation is set to exceed customers’ expectations.”

Luke Wilkinson Ball & Doggett CEO  “We are excited to announce this partnership with such an innovative and reputable company in POLI-TAPE who share our commitment to the Signage, Craft and Retail market in Australia”.  For further information regarding this announcement please contact your local Conect representative.

Luke Wilkinson

CEO Ball & Doggett


Revolutionary New Process Ink Series Bringing Sustainability & Speed To Printers Across Australia.

Introducing the revolutionary RAPIDA ECO process printing inks – a true game-changer in the sheetfed printing world. Renowned for its unmatched speed, this fast setting ink series has quickly become one of the fastest in the market. What sets Rapida Eco apart is its commitment to sustainability, being entirely mineral oil-free – a rare feature in inks of this caliber.

Sam Varughese, the General Manager of Press Consumables at Ball & Doggett, expressed his appreciation of the partnership with Huber, a valued supplier for years. With RAPIDA ECO, they now offer Australian printers a sustainable offset printing ink solution.

RAPIDA ECO’s exceptional characteristic lies in its ability to enable immediate post print, making it an ideal choice for straight and perfecting presses. It also boasts remarkable duct-freshness, making it compatible in a variety of climatic conditions.

Huber’s dedication to sustainability is evident, as Josef Sutter, Product Manager Sheet-fed/UV Europe at hubergroup, emphasises. Understanding the demand for both speed and sustainability, they took on the challenge of reformulating their fastest sheet-fed ink series. The result is Rapida Eco, one of the fastest non mineral oil based inks available on the market, with outstanding printing behavior and compatibility with existing processes.

Huber has been at the forefront of sustainable practices in the commercial market for years. In 2017, they became the first international ink manufacturer to receive a Cradle to Cradle certificate in the sheet-fed offset sector. Recently, they announced a complete Cradle to Cradle Material Health Certified® Gold portfolio for commercial and packaging offset printing. With the majority of raw materials sourced from their own Chemicals Division, hubergroup ensures high environmental standards throughout the value chain.

If you’re looking to combine speed, performance and sustainability in your printing projects, don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss Rapida Eco and its numerous benefits for your business.


Contact Print Packaging Consumables Graphics Department here

The Online Sustainability Platform Revolutionises Education & Collaboration in the Australian Market.

Zaidee Jackson, the National Business Development Manager of Sustainable Packaging and the driving force behind this initiative, expressed her pride as a distributor in providing a valuable resource that centers around sustainability and materiality in Australia.

With the recent release of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) review on the 2025 Targets, the need for proactive action and urgent decision-making by brands in this arena has become evident. The focus is now on driving education and supporting the packaging industry to ensure a sustainable future. Emphasising collective efforts and a shared economy of information, the platform aims to provide an information resource dedicated to sustainability so that targets and roadmaps can be achieved.

The newly launched educational resource offers an extensive range of podcasts, articles, research, and insights from industry experts, all aimed at reducing environmental impacts. It includes a comprehensive product index along with ecoaudit questions and answers to assist and collaborate with industries on their sustainable journeys.

On the launch day, three key associations – the Printing & Visual Communication Association (PVCA), Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), and The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) – came together for the first time. The event featured a panel of distinguished keynote speakers, including Kellie Northwood, Amber Bonney, Chris Foley, and Nerida Kelton (AIP), along with panelists John Bigley, CEO Zipform Packaging, Rowena Curlewis, CEO Denomination, Sally Williams, Founder Choice for Life and Asaf Weis, Managing Director Vacupack. The panel discussion, expertly moderated by industry media partner Lindy Hughson from PKN Packaging News, provided valuable insights and perspectives.

The event garnered extensive interest, attracting more than 300 guests from various locations worldwide, including Australia, New Zealand, London, Finland, South Africa, Singapore, Japan, and India. Both in person attendance and livestream participation added to the event’s success.

As pioneers leading the conversation within the industry, ecoporium by Ball & Doggett have proudly renewed the exclusive media partnership with PKN Packaging News for the period of 2023-2024.

ecoporium by Ball & Doggett

A Collective Industry Win!

‘From our Family to Yours’, A collection of Recipes and quotes on Optimism. A cookbook that keeps us connected WINS GOLD

Ball & Doggett are thrilled to share with you that we celebrated success along with Southern Impact at the recent 39th National Print Awards, held at Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre, Thursday 30th June 2022.

This project was created to celebrate resilience, fortitude, the spirit of industry and partnership. The cookbook houses recipes as shared experiences of our Ball & Doggett team members and their families.

Our project team created a publication with heart. The cookbook was presented as a gift to both customers and our national team.

A token of thanks at Christmas 2021 for their resilience, commitment and passion to our business.

Huge thank-you to our supply partners who made this cookbook something special.

A huge congratulations and shout out to: • Southern Impact, Melbourne, Australia for winning out GOLD, National Commercial Print • Courtney Newman, Ball & Doggett, GOLD, National Designer of the Year

Full List of achievement

Victoria State Category

Gold: Commercial Print – Southern Colour Gold: Designer of the Year – Courtney Newman Gold: Multi Piece Promotion & Campaign

National Awards: Gold: Commercial Print – Southern Colour Gold: Designer of the Year – Courtney Newman Bronze: Multi Piece Promotion & Campaign

Suppliers, Partners…who needs them? Every single one of us!

We were thrilled embarking on this project with our production partners. Gary Bowles from Arjowiggins Fine Papers came on board the moment we pitched the idea as our sponsor along with our print partner Southern Impact, Rod Dawson and Heath Nankervis.

We would like to acknowledge Kellie Northwood, CEO of The Real Media Collective for celebrating with us on this project and providing the forward in our publication.

It is an unapologetic celebration of print and what it offers us.

Thank-you to each and everyone that contributed to this project, this win is a collective industry win.

For your very own copy head over to Pedigree Paper, the retail division for Ball & Doggett. You can purchase this award winning cookbook for AUD$15 +gst

A special note on Courtney Newman: We are so proud of our Courtney on this spectacular achievement and want to take this moment to recognise her for her creative execution on all of our Ball & Doggett work. This acknowledgement celebrates her continued success within our business. A dream creative to work with, expressing briefs through her lens, collaborating with consideration and articulating design for various market channels with ease. Our business celebrates you, Courtney! Congratulations!

Article by Zaidee Jackson, National BDM – Sustainable Packaging

For the full edition of The Collecitve Edit please click here to download your copy

SPOTLIGHT – Peter Hansen

1. Peter Hansen, How long have you been spreading your good vibes in our industry? I began my paper journey at Spicers Paper in 1996 and worked there for almost 10 years in a variety of sales roles. The next phase of my paper journey started with K W Doggett in 2005, working there for just over 10 years in a Sales/BDM with printers, print management companies and advertising agencies.   I took a leap of faith and purchased a Wide Format manufacturing business with a staff of 12 people. After a good crack and just over 12 months I decided to sell the business. The lessons were invaluable learning about wide format manufacturing and people in general. I came to terms with the fact I didn’t enjoy manufacturing.   The K W Doggett family welcomed me back in late 2016, employed me in my current role as a National BDM Manager (just before the Ball & Doggett merger), concentrating on print management companies, advertising agencies, government departments and end users in the wide format, POS, Sign, Display and Visual space.   2. What are a couple of key aspects to your job that you love? • The constant education on sustainable solutions is a key driver for me, as my customers want and need this education and information. The sustainability challenges are now greater than ever with POS substrates. This platform also provides a greater opportunity for me to present to my customers, as they now demanding sustainable and recyclable solutions. • For me to be relevant and be adding value to my customers, I need to be constantly aware of current and changing sustainability criteria’s, wants and needs. • I love the face to face contact with a variety of people, industries and business, as this provides me with the opportunity to learn from other people and grow as person. • I love that I always need to be honing and improving my presentation skills. For a presentation to be successful and effective, the customer needs to be engaged, invested and emotionally connected as they process the message. • Looking at new opportunities with new customers, new products and new industries.   3. Apart from being the literal rock star we know and love, tell us about you’re passion in the fitness arena? Apart from being a major Rock N Roll star in this country, fitness is my driver and keeps me sane. I train Monday to Thursday nights at 5.30, Tues, Wed and Friday morning at 6am and Sat and Sun morning at 8am in a Boxing/Muay Thai/Kick Boxing gym. I run the boxing/Muay Thai fitness classes at night, including sparring with other gyms, and the morning sessions are personal training /”one on one” classes. The training provides me with the energy to be productive and stay focused.   4. What is it about working at Ball & Doggett that you value most? From the top down, management continually inspire and provide the opportunity for staff members to grow, improve and flourish, encouraging every employee to function to the best of their ability. I love the comradery and friendship between all staff members across all divisions of the business. The expertise, experience and knowledge throughout the B&D business makes my job a lot easier. I truly value the B&D corporate spirit, mission and principals, as I witness them put into practice every day. With management leading the way by example, making B&D an enjoyable, exciting place to work.   5. Share some facts about you that not many people know? I am now a fully accredited boxing judge with Combat Sports Victoria, Boxing Australia and Australian National Boxing Federation. Having these accreditations means these organisations will fly me around Australia to judge title fights on occasions. I have already judged four Victorian title fights since April this year. I am the eldest of 7 children, and I am the most normal of the seven. What does that say about the other 6?   6. What is your message to customers in regards to exploring sustainable product choices? • Have my customers understand that we need to change and adjust human behaviour to make a difference, and we all have our part to play. • Have a discussion related to sustainability in the design phase of a job. • Ask the question, “How can I guarantee this substrate will not end up in landfill once finished with?” • Need to think about the condition this generation will leave the planet in for the next generation. • In every substrate choice, use the language: REDUSE, REUSE, RECOVER, RECYCLE, RETHINK. • Make sure my customers understand the choices available when selecting a substrate when it comes to sustainability.   Peter Hansen, National Business Development Manager – Corporate