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Your ultimate source for inspiration and innovation in architectural and interior design. Our curated collection features cutting-edge projects, timeless classics and everything in between, showcased through high-quality media that brings the beauty of design to life. Where you’re a professional architect, interior designer, or simply a design enthusiast, our platform offers a wealth of resources to spark creativity and guide your next project. 

From digital print media through to textural finishes we have a wide range to suite all palette. Dive in to where form meets function, and aesthetics blend seamlessly with practicality. 

Product Highlights

EZ Floor

Providing strong, reliable bonding for a variety of indoor surfaces, ensuring a secure and long lasting hold ideal for high-traffic areas. 

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Metamark MiA Range

Advanced engineered films. Creating spaces using colours, textures and functional finishes to transform interior spaces with style, durability, and ease of application. Available in four stunning finishes wood, stone, metal and soft matt.

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Metamark M7 Etch Effect – Crystal

A premium frosted finish, perfect for creating elegant and sophisticated window graphics with a high level of durability and easy application. 

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Our Range

Floor Graphics

Our Floor Graphics media provide durable, slip-resistant, and vibrant solutions for high-traffic areas, perfect for retail, exhibitions, and public spaces. These easy-to-apply materials transform floors into eye-catching platforms for directional signs, promotions, and branding.

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Specialty Decorative

Discover our specialty decorative media, featuring textures, metallic effects, and customizable patterns, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and creativity to any interior or exterior project.

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Wall Films

Our wall film media presents a versatile array of solutions for interior décor, branding, and communication needs. With a variety of finishes and vibrant colour options, these easy-to-install films provide not only aesthetic enhancement but also durability, ensuring long-lasting performance on diverse surfaces.

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Window Films

Our window film media provides a versatile solution for enhancing privacy, adding decorative elements, and improving energy efficiency in both residential and commercial spaces. With options including frosted, tinted, and patterned films, our high-quality materials offer easy application and long-lasting performance, catering to diverse needs with style and functionality.

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