Value of Paper
and Print

Did you know, 67% of online search is driven by offline messages? Of this, 39% ultimately make a purchase. This fact and many others are available via the Value of Paper and Print (VoPP), an effectiveness campaign raising awareness of the power of paper, print and mail marketing in today’s noisy communications world.

Run by The Real Media Collective, an Industry Association promoting the effectiveness and environmental credentials of print media in the Australian and New Zealand markets, VoPP is an amazing resource for anyone that works in a print related capacity.

About VoPP

As members we’re supported with quality marketing collateral, PR and media representation and targeted consumer research. Not a member yet? Get on board today. Whether you need stats, case studies, inspiration or research, VoPP gives you the tools to demonstrate print’s many advantages with existing and prospective customers.

Why VoPP?

The research is great because it’s current, mainly local (so you can’t ignore its legitimacy), easy to understand and interesting. Knowing facts like the one stated are good to know for your next client meeting, or when you need to prove the substantial return on investment available when print is used. Visit the VoPP website for more facts or ask us for a copy of the latest magazine (we can give you one for your customers too).