Paper, glorious paper! Paper is one of the most enduring inventions in history. For over 1800 years, humans have used paper as a way to record information and to communicate. Our online education centre provides resources for a better understanding of paper and how to work with it, for both print and creative professionals.

About printing processes

What are the different types of print processes? And, which one is right for your print project? Here we give a quick overview of the four main commercial print processes. Our printing process chart provides guidance for matching the right process for different volumes of printed material. Click here to learn more.

About document binding

There are a number of options when it comes to binding a document. The number of pages and look you are trying to achieve will often determine which option is right for your print project. Here we present the main binding methods and the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Click here to learn more.

Commonly used paper sizes

Paper and printed documents can come in almost any size and shape, but in Australia and New Zealand there are industry specific systems for general sizes which cover most documents. Here we list the most commonly used systems and sizes. Click here to learn more.