Photo, Fine Art & CAD

Precision and quality for every creative vision. 

Explore our extensive range of high-quality media tailored for photographers, artists, and CAD professionals. Our selection includes specialized materials for stunning photo prints with vibrant colors and superior detail, premium fine art media that ensures beautiful reproductions of paintings and drawings, and reliable CAD media engineered for precise technical drawings and plans. 

Discover the perfect media to meet your creative and technical needs with our carefully curated collection designed for exceptional clarity and performance.. 

Product Highlights

CityLight HQ200 Paper

Paper based material with wet strength properties designed for outdoor applications.

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Sihl 3673 130gsm

Multi-coated, weatherproof poster paper with
a high wet-strength

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Ultra Photographic Paper

A micro porous and resin coated paper used for hi-end print and proofing.

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Our Range

Bond Papers

Bond Roll paper is a durable, high-quality paper ideal for printing documents, blueprints, and technical drawings. Its smooth finish and compatibility with inkjet and laser printers ensure excellent print clarity and precision. Perfect for office, architectural, and design use, Bond Roll paper delivers crisp, professional results every time.

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Poster Papers

Poster paper is designed for vibrant, high-impact printing, making it ideal for advertising, presentations, and displays. With a smooth finish and excellent color reproduction, this paper ensures your graphics and images stand out. Durable and versatile, poster paper is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, providing professional-quality results for all your promotional needs.

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Premium and durable material ideal for high-quality art reproductions, photography, and custom prints. With its textured surface and excellent color retention, canvas provides a rich, artistic look that enhances the depth and detail of any image. Perfect for gallery wraps, home décor, and professional displays, canvas delivers a timeless, elegant finish to your creations.

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Photographic & Fine Arts Paper

Crafted for superior image quality and archival longevity, making it ideal for high-resolution photography and fine art reproductions. With a variety of textures and finishes, this paper ensures vibrant colors, deep blacks, and exceptional detail. Perfect for professional photographers and artists, it delivers museum-quality prints that preserve the integrity and beauty of your work.

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