Adestor Gloss

White cast coated premium labels with gloss finish

White cast coated labels with a gloss finish that give excellent print and image definition. Adestor Cast Gloss rolls are perfect for high quality printed labels using a range of printing techniques and come with HM100 hot-melt super-permanent adhesive or A251 permanent acrylic adhesive. Both options have a WG62 super-calendered white translucent glassine liner.

A251 – acrylic permanent adhesive for smooth and slightly rough or curved surfaces, Excellent print and image definition, HM100 – hot-melt super-permanent adhesive with high tack and final adhesion, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, PEFC certified, Suitable for high quality printed labels, WG62 – super-calendered white translucent glassine liner, White cast coated paper with a gloss finish

Adestor is PEFC certified and manufactured in an environment that is ISO 14001 EMS accredited.

ISO 14001 EMS – Environmental Management Systems, PEFC Certified, Responsible Forestry Practices


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Brand: Adestor

Available Options

SKUGSMColourFinishBacking LinerRoll WidthRoll LengthAdhesive CategoryAdhesiveQuantity 
146395160WhiteGlossWhite Glass 621000mm2000mmPermanentHM100 Permanent
146405160WhiteGlossWhite Glass 621000mm2000mmPermanentA251 Permanent
146409160High WhiteCast GlossWhite Glass 621000mm2000mmPermanentHM100 Permanent
146419160High WhiteCast GlossWhite Glass 621000mm2000mmPermanentA251 Permanent