Adestor Laser

Uncoated paper suitable for laser printing with permanent or removable adhesive

Suitable for laser printing, this uncoated paper facestock comes with A251 permanent adhesive or RA678 removable adhesive and a KL55/KL75 white liner for laser printing. Suitable for flexo, letterpress, screen printing, hot stamping and offset printing techniques.

A251 – acrylic permanent adhesive for smooth and slightly rough or curved surfaces, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, KL55/KL74 – white kraft liner guaranteed for laser printing. For the conversion of reels to sheets, Laser compatible, PEFC certified, RA678 – acrylic removable adhesive for clean removability from most surfaces, Suitable for letterpress, screen, flexo, hot stamping and offset printing, Uncoated paper facestock

Adestor is PEFC certified and manufactured in an environment that is ISO 14001 EMS accredited.

ISO 14001 EMS – Environmental Management Systems, PEFC Certified, Responsible Forestry Practices


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Brand: Adestor

Available Options

SKUGSMColourFinishBacking LinerRoll WidthRoll LengthAdhesive CategoryAdhesiveQuantity 
146366143High WhiteSmoothKraft 551060mm3000mmPermanentA251 Permanent
146369162High WhiteSmoothKraft 741500mm3000mmPermanentA251 Permanent
146390143High WhiteSmoothKraft 741500mm3000mmRemovableRA678 Removable