Avery Dennison OL – 2000 Series Transparent Overlay Film

Overlay film specifically designed to be laminated over Avery Dennison retroreflective films.

Avery Dennison OL-2000 transparent film is an up to 56 micron Transparant overlay film that is available in 6 colours, and has been specifically designed for over laminating reflective films. The OL-2000 series has a high gloss finish for superior appearance and will match the durability of the film it is applied to.

*Colours are a guide only.
*Sold by the metre.

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Available Options

SKUColourSizeRoll WidthAdhesive CategoryAdhesiveGradeQuantity 
184851Yellow 20011220mm1220PermanentPermanent2001
184852Blue 20051220mm1220PermanentPermanent2005
184853Blue 2005610mm610PermanentPermanent2005
184855Red 2008610mm610PermanentPermanent2008
184856Brown 20091220mm1220PermanentPermanent2009
190044Brown 2009610mm610PermanentPermanent2009
184854Green 2007610mm610PermanentPermanent2007