Botany 100% Recycled – Digital

100% recycled and Australian made with a natural raw look and feel.

Botany is 100% recycled and Australian made. Botany combines a natural raw look and feel with a range of weights. Suitable for most thermal transfer and dry toner (Laser/ LED/Flash fusion) mid-volume and production machines. On such machines the user must establish for themselves the optimum settings and paper path, being aware of the thickness and weight of the material.

100% Recycled, Australian Made, Natural raw look, Sold in mill packs only

Botany is 100% Recycled and is Australian Made.

Australian Made, Elemental Chlorine Free, ISO 14001 EMS – Environmental Management Systems, Recycled

Backing board, Case binding, Direct mail, Drink Coasters, Cards-Greeting cards, Packaging-high quality packaging, Invitations, Cards-Menu cards, Menus, Cards-Postcards, Presentation material, Swing tags, Wedding invitations

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SKUGSMUMS (microns)ColourFinishSizeQuantity 
120600115195NaturalVellum320 x 450mm
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120601150235NaturalVellum320 x 450mm
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120602230400NaturalVellum320 x 450mm
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133962300575NaturalVellum320 x 450mm
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