Colour Measurement Solutions for Commercial Printers

For consistent colour across each substrate and every job.

For consistent colour across each substrate and every job, you can trust X-Rite Pantone to help you achieve the very best colour during specification and design, throughout formulation, on press, and in every finished product. X-Rite eXact Looking for exact colour? That‚-s where X-Rite eXact comes in. Our pointin-time handheld solutions are the industry standard.
  • 4 models - Basic, Density, Standard and Advanced
  • Measures: M0, M1, M2 and M3
  • Aperture sizes available: 1.5mm, 2mm, 4mm and 6mm
  • Bluetooth/USB connection for supported software
  • Can be upgraded to Scan to measure colorbars up to 112cm
  • Add eXact Autoscan to turn the hand held unit into an automated scanning solution
IntelliTrax2 This state-of-the-art press-side automated colour management solution allows printers and packaging converters to deliver the highest level of colour consistency while reducing make-ready.
  • IntelliTrax2 supports process control standards including M1, M3, G7, PSO and FOGRA 51 and 52
  • Available in Density or Spectral versions
  • Aperture sizes: 2mm, 3mm or 3mm Polarized
  • Page width: 74cm to 165cm
  • Speed: 170mm/sec
  • Look ahead sensor allows head to correct for any colorbar movement
  • Non-contact measurement ensure that the unit is always clean and will not scratch the product being measured.
Color iQC Print Color iQC Print is a complete colour quality control solution that adapts to your workflow to make colour reporting fast and easy. Color iQC software is a job-oriented software solution that removes the guesswork from evaluating and approving colors. It is easily configurable to allow analysis of customer files, proofs and finished products with complete traceability. Rutherford Closed Loop Rutherford Closed loop solutions are a complete suite of products specifically designed and customized for each individual Offset or Web press. To ensure that the job is right first time every time. Reducing make ready times, waste (Paper and Ink) and generating greater savings to the business. In some cases even prolonging the life of older presses.
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