D Board Plus

Australian-made multi-purpose display board offering an ultra-smooth, hi-white print surface and white center

D Board Plus is an Australian-made multi-purpose display board designed for exceptional quality and versatility. This board features an ultra-smooth, hi-white print surface with a white center, providing a pristine canvas for your indoor display needs. Its superior print quality and precise cutting capabilities ensure clean guillotine or die-cut edges, making it an excellent choice for professional presentations and displays. The board supports both UV inkjet and screen printing methods, delivering excellent runnability and dot fidelity. D Board Plus is available in mill packs only, ensuring you receive a consistent, high-quality product every time. Ideal for a range of indoor applications, it is a reliable and durable choice for creating stunning visual displays.

Australian Made, A high quality multi-purpose display board, White-centre, Ultra smooth, hi-white print surface, Provides a clean guillotine or die-cut edge, Excellent runnability & dot fidelity, Can be printed using UV inkjet and screen methods, Indoor applications

Mounting board, hanging board, poster

Available Options

SKUThicknessFinishSizePrint MethodQuantity 
1746611Matt White760 x 1020Screen printing
1746621Matt White1020 x 760Screen printing
1746631Matt White1040 x 1560Screen printing
1733231Matt White1220 x 2440Screen printing
1746641.5Matt White760 x 1020Screen printing
1746651.5Matt White1040 x 1560Screen printing
1746661.5Matt White1220 x 2440Screen printing
1746672Matt White760 x 1020Screen printing
1746682Matt White1020 x 760Screen printing
1746692Matt White1040 x 1560Screen printing
1683442Matt White1220 x 2440Screen printing
1739712Matt White1550 x 2500Screen printing
1746703Matt White1040 x 1560Screen printing
1737293Matt White1220 x 2440Screen printing