HP 831 Latex Maintainence Cartridge

Maintenance Cartridge ensures your HP Latex Printer is running at optimal performance.

HP 831 Printhead's available in Cyan / Black, Yellow / Black , Lt. Cyan / Lt. Magenta and and Optimizer. Compatible with the HP 300 Series printers.

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Available Options

185377Cyan / Blk63.5mm x 2.3mm
185378LT. Cyan / LT. Mag63.5mm x 2.3mm
185379Optimizer63.5mm x 2.3mm
185380Yel / Mag63.5mm x 2.3mm
185371Cyan50mm x 45m
185370Black63.5mm x 2.3mm
185373LT. Cyan50mm x 45m
185374LT. Magenta63.5mm x 2.3mm
185375Magenta50mm x 45m
185372Optimizer63.5mm x 2.3mm
185376Yellow50mm x 45m
185519Clear Gloss63.5mm x 2.3mm