Metamark Colour Change Series – With MetaGlide

MetaGlide adhesive technology is a 100 micron cylinder cast vinyl used to professionally wrap vehicles.

Metamark Colour Change with MetaGlide adhesive technology is a 100 micron cylinder cast vinyl used to professionally wrap vehicles. The next generation micro-channel air release system gives optimal performance with enhanced repositionability, and high adhesive strength. MM-CCG can be cleanly removed at the end of the desired application, with the knowledge that it has also protected the factory paint during use.

  • 100 micron cylinder cast wrap vinyl
  • MetaGlide micro channel adhesive offers enhanced handling
  • Repositionable, layflat stability, and smooth release handling
  • Use a dry application method
  • 1520mm x 50mt rolls
  • Up to 6 year durability

*Colours are a guide only
*Sold by the metre
1520mm wide

Available Options

SKUColourSizeBacking LinerRoll WidthAdhesive CategoryAdhesiveGradeQuantity 
187044Aluminium Gloss 951520mmPE1,520PermanentPerm MetaGlideCCG95
187049Black Gloss 101520mmPE1,520PermanentPerm MetaGlideCCG10
187053Black Matt 111520mmPE1,520PermanentPerm MetaGlideCCG11
187045Carmine Gloss 481520mmPE1,520PermanentPerm MetaGlideCCG48
187046Daytona Gloss 311520mmPE1,520PermanentPerm MetaGlideCCG31
187047Detroit Grey 211520mmPE1,520PermanentPerm MetaGlideCCG21
187048French Blue 521520mmPE1,520PermanentPerm MetaGlideCCG52
187051Graphite Gloss 961520mmPE1,520PermanentPerm MetaGlideCCG96
187054Gunmetal Matt 931520mmPE1,520PermanentPerm MetaGlideCCG93
187052Java Green Gloss 621520mmPE1,520PermanentPerm MetaGlideCCG62
187056Nardo Grey Gloss 291520mmPE1,520PermanentPerm MetaGlideCCG29
187057Neon Green Gloss 671520mmPE1,520PermanentPerm MetaGlideCCG67
187058Pebble Grey 201520mmPE1,520PermanentPerm MetaGlideCCG20
187059Phoenix Blue Gloss 551520mmPE1,520PermanentPerm MetaGlideCCG55
187060Racing Green Gloss 691520mmPE1,520PermanentPerm MetaGlideCCG69
187061Rosso Gloss 421520mmPE1,520PermanentPerm MetaGlideCCG42
187062Signal Orange 131520mmPE1,520PermanentPerm MetaGlideCCG13
187063Silver Gloss 901520mmPE1,520PermanentPerm MetaGlideCCG90
187064Teal Gloss 651520mmPE1,520PermanentPerm MetaGlideCCG65
187055Matt White 011520mmPE1,520PermanentPerm MetaGlideCCG01
187050White Gloss 001520mmPE1,520PermanentPerm MetaGlideCCG00