Pacifica 250

Fast setting mineral oil free process ink based on renewable raw materials.

Duct-stable offset inks based on renewable raw materials for increased productivity with high versatility and excellent quality. Extreme care has been taken in raw material selection which makes these inks significantly lower in odour both inside the press room and after printing. Benefits: Excellent mechanical resistance and rapid post print handling combined with superb high speed printing both on straight and perfecting presses under the widest range of press conditions enable fast production of top quality printing.

Colour standard as per ISO 2846-1 and IS0 12647, Duct fresh, Excellent gloss, Fast setting with excellent work and turn properties, Low odour inks, Minimum spray powder required, Outstanding rub resistance, Suitable for both straight and perfecting presses, Suitable for infrared radiation IR drying, Suitable for latest high speed printing machines, Superior emulsion stability particularly when used with alcohol-free fount solution or decreased IPA levels, Superior emulsion stability particularly when used with alcohol-free solution or decreased IPA levels, Very good dot sharpness and excellent colour trapping

Cosmetic packaging, High quality commercial and packaging printing

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