Pinstriping tape is made from cast vinyl, to help with conformability and durability

All of our pinstriping tape is made from cast vinyl, to help with conformability and durability. The standard colours have an external lifespan of up to 7 years and the metallic colours have an external lifespan of up to 5 years in Australia.

Please note: There may be an additional freight charge when ordering pinstripes. Select colours kept in stock. Stock may take up to 5 business days when ordering in from supplier.
Other sizes and colours available. Please contact customer service for more information on 1300 364 687

*Colours are a guide only.

Available Options

SKUColourSizeRoll WidthRoll LengthAdhesive CategoryAdhesiveGradeQuantity 
187217White12mm x 45m1245PermanentPermanent02
187147Black12mm x 45m1245PermanentPermanent03
187157Burgundy12mm x 45m1245PermanentPermanent12
187210Tomato Red12mm x 45m1245PermanentPermanent14
187191Sapphire Blue12mm x 45m1245PermanentPermanent17
187174Gold12mm x 45m1245PermanentPermanent20515
187218White19mm x 45mS1945PermanentPermanent02
187148Black19mm x 45mS1945PermanentPermanent03
187154Black25mm x 45mS2545PermanentPermanent03
187211Tomato Red25mm x 45mS2545PermanentPermanent14
187223White3mm x 90m390PermanentPermanent02
187226Black3mm x 90m390PermanentPermanent03
187155Blue3mm x 90m390PermanentPermanent05
187158Burgundy3mm x 90m390PermanentPermanent12
187216Tomato Red3mm x 90m390PermanentPermanent14
187195Sapphire Blue3mm x 90m390PermanentPermanent17
187151Black50mm x 45m5045PermanentPermanent03
187222White6mm x 45m645PermanentPermanent02
187152Black6mm x 45m645PermanentPermanent03
187214Tomato Red6mm x 45m645PermanentPermanent14
187137Sapphire Blue6mm x 45m645PermanentPermanent17
187177Gold6mm x 45m645PermanentPermanent20515
187221White9mm x 45mS945PermanentPermanent02
187199Silver6mm x 45m645PermanentPermanent481
187197Silver12mm x 45m1245PermanentPermanent481
187136Silver19mm x 45mS1945PermanentPermanent481
187196Silver25mm x 45mS2545PermanentPermanent481
187198Silver3mm x 90m390PermanentPermanent481
187200Silver9mm x 45mS945PermanentPermanent481
187219White25mm x 45mS2545PermanentPermanent02
187153Black9mm x 45mS945PermanentPermanent03
187215Tomato Red9mm x 45mS945PermanentPermanent14