POLI-FLEX Turbo Print 4038 H20

POLI-FLEX Turbo Print 4010-S is a high-quality printable polyurethane heat transfer vinyl with a matte finish, offering fast application and vibrant colors for efficient customization on various textiles.

POLI-FLEX Turbo Print 4010-S is a premium polyurethane heat transfer vinyl designed for fast and efficient customization. This vinyl features a matte finish that provides a soft touch and high-quality appearance on a variety of textiles. POLI-FLEX Turbo Print 4010-S is compatible with various print technologies, including solvent and eco-solvent, allowing for vibrant and detailed designs. Its quick application process and excellent adhesion streamline production, making it ideal for high-volume projects. This vinyl delivers long-lasting, durable results that maintain their quality through multiple washes, ensuring your custom designs look professional and stay vibrant.

Offers a soft touch and high-quality appearance on various textiles. , Compatible with solvent and eco-solvent printing for vibrant designs. , Features a quick and efficient application process for time-saving customization. , Provides strong bonding for long-lasting and durable designs. , Streamlines the production process for efficient use. , Maintains quality and vibrancy through numerous washes.

Custom Apparel, Sportswear & Team Uniforms, Promotional Products, Workwear, Fashion Accessories, Merchandise, Party Décor (buntings, banners, tablecloths)

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