Sapphire BF600 Matt Aqueous Backlit

Sapphire BF600 Matt Aqueous Backlit is a fade and water-resistant film

Sapphire BF600 Matt Aqueous Backlit is a high-quality film engineered to produce stunning backlit images for indoor and outdoor applications. Its matte finish ensures vibrant, high-contrast images while its fade and water resistance guarantee lasting clarity and durability. Compatible with dye and pigmented inks, this film delivers exceptional color reproduction and visual impact. Ideal for lightbox displays and signage, Sapphire BF600 enhances your visuals with its superior print quality and resilience to environmental factors. With Sapphire BF600, you can create captivating backlit displays that make an impression and stand the test of time.


UMS (microns)




Roll Width


Roll Length


Print Method

Aqueous (Dye & Pigment)

Fade and water-resistant. , Produces brilliant images for indoors and outdoors. , For dye and pigmented inks

menu boards, POS / POP displays

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Brand: Sapphire