Shark Skin Wet Strength Board

100% recyclable board used for applications where moisture and humidity is present

Shark Skin wet strength board is the perfect solution for applications in challenging environments including moisture and humidity. The board is Australian Made, environmentally responsible fibre-based board that is easily recycled. The wet strength characteristics mitigates the risks of the board from bowing and warping in these challenging environments, and maintains superior stability during typical changes in temperature and humidity that tends to affect other rigid medias.

100% Recyclable, Australian Made, Easy to cut and hang, Excellent wet strength, bulk and whiteness, Good Dimensional stability

Australian Made

Hanging signage, Point of sale-POS Applications, Point of sale-POS Display & Signage, Point of sale-POS signage, Posters

Available Options

SKUUMS (microns)ColourFinishSizePrint MethodQuantity 
1553921500WhiteCarbonless1220 x 2440mmLatex
1554732000WhiteCarbonless1220 x 2440mmLatex