Styletech Luster

Decorative self adhesive film that as a unique look

Styletech Luster is a decorative film that as a unique look, not a gloss and not a matt finish, the luster look is more of a satin sheen that provides a smart sophisticated look that will add to your design. Easy to cut and apply to flat surfaces. Click to see the Styletech Gridded Transfer Tape or Transfer Tape with Liner

  • 76 micron
  • Up to 3 years durability
  • Permanent acrylic adhesive
  • Available in 13 colours

*Colours are a guide only.
*Sold by the metre.

Available Options

SKUColourSizeBacking LinerRoll WidthRoll LengthAdhesive CategoryAdhesiveGradeQuantity 
189480Bright Green 9021000MLKraft6101PermanentPermanent902
189482Bronze 9031000MLKraft6101PermanentPermanent903
189485Champagne 8861000MLKraft6101PermanentPermanent886
189487Lemon-Lime 9001000MLKraft6101PermanentPermanent900
189490Magenta 9071000MLKraft6101PermanentPermanent907
189492Orange 9011000MLKraft6101PermanentPermanent901
189495Purple 9091000MLKraft6101PermanentPermanent909
189497Red 9041000MLKraft6101PermanentPermanent904
189499Royal Blue 9061000MLKraft6101PermanentPermanent906
189501Silver 88575MLKraft6101PermanentPermanent885
189503Sky Blue 9051000MLKraft6101PermanentPermanent905
190444Teal 9081000MLKraft6101PermanentPermanent908
190446Yellow 8871000MLKraft6101PermanentPermanent887