Wausau White Stone Paper

Made from stone, comes this wood-free paper with a unique texture and feel.

A wood-free facestock, made from 80% limestone powder and 20% polyethylene resin. Durable, environmentally friendly, and features wet-strength properties. Produced from stone to create an environmentally friendly facesheet with a unique texture and feel. Water resistant, strong and durable, this paper facestock combines 80% calcium carbonate (a base mineral and inorganic compound) and 20% polyethylene resin. Requiring no water to manufacture, this sustainable product is top coated and optimised for use in HP Indigo presses and comes equipped with an SC66 supercalendered bleached kraft liner and PCT-245 general permanent adhesive.

Suitable for embossing and foiling.

Exclusive to Ball & Doggett and manufactured by Wausau Coated.







Backing Liner


Roll Width


Roll Length


Environmentally friendly, water-resistant, strong and durable, Exclusive to Ball & Doggett, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, PCT245 – general permanent adhesive, SC66 – supercalendered bleached liner with superior die-cutting and stripping properties, Stone paper consisting of 80% calcium carbonate and 20% polyethylene resin, Top coated surface optimised for HP Indigo presses.

/ Wood-free paper
/ Water-free manufacturing process
/ Manufactured in an environment that is ISO 14001 EMS accredited

/ Certified for HP Indigo
/ ISO 14001 EMS – Environmental Management Systems

Beverages, Labels-Wine, beer, spirit labels

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