How to use your Photoshop Label Mockup Tool

Bring your label designs to life—on screen—in hyper-realism.

Experience the tactility, colour, and finish of Ball & Doggett premium beverage facestocks through a lifelike digital medium. 

Photorealistic mockups with a curated collection of 12 facestocks built-in, with foil and embossing functionality, dynamic colour change and automated light bounce.

01. Add your artwork

To add your artwork, simply double click the red layer, aptly titled ‘LABEL ARTWORK’.

This will open the smart object, an embedded .psb that is linked to the master file. Once it has opened up, paste your art onto the artboard, save your changes (cmd + s or ctrl + s) and return to the master file.

To add embellishments to your labels, separate the relent artwork element and add it the the appropriate smart object – eg ‘FOIL ARTWORK’ or ‘WHITE INK / EMBOSS ARTWORK’.

TIP: When using darker facestocks, add your coloured artwork to the ‘WHITE INK / EMBOSS ARTWORK’ smart object. This will help maintain the colours in your design, and alleviate any issues from the pre-set Blend Mode.

02. Select your facestock

To select your facestock, simply double click the red layer, ‘FACESTOCK SELECTOR’.

Selecting the perfect label material isn’t just about the aesthetic. Along with the tactility, colour, and finish of a facestock, the performance requirements and end-application of the label must also be factored in.

TIP: Utilise our Facestock Suitability Guide to explore the capabilities and suitability of each featured facestock.

03. Adjust basic controls

Basic controls are the easiest way of interacting with the file.

They are orange layers and typically control the colour of elements such as the background, bottle type, cap or liquid colour.

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