BMW Australia brochure

Title: BMW Australian brochure
Agency: Ogilvy (VIC)
Client: BMW
Stocks: HannoArt – Silk / Knight – Vellum
Printed by: McKellar Brown Press (VIC) offset and digital. Avon Graphics (VIC): embellishments. The Bindery (VIC): binding.

This is a story about a small yet very exciting printed piece indeed. Why is this so you may be thinking/asking/pondering? It’s because it merges offset and digital print, paper, AR (augmented reality) and IR (image recognition) technology all in one tasty package. Safe to say, we like it a lot.

Ogilvy in Melbourne were asked to design a piece for new BMW drivers. Something that would connect them to the BMW experience, even when they’re not behind the wheel of the new car they’ve just purchased. The piece also needed to generate a relationship between the buyer and their dealer.


Two of our stocks feature in the booklet. The cover was printed on 340gsm Knight Vellum, text 170gsm HannoArt Silk, 140gsm Knight Vellum and 200gsm Knight Vellum (a 112gsm clear translucent trace paper and 96 micron clear acetate were also used). On some pages, a high build UV varnish appears on a matt stock, which feels good to touch. In other cases, it’s a heavier textured stock followed by a silk page.

The variety of grammages, papers and print techniques have transformed this brochure into ‘an experience and an adventure’. The additional use of IR and AR technology enhances the interactive nature of the booklet. Watching some of the pages come to life, revealing behind-the-scenes video footage, is pretty damn cool. Especially the page that starts with an engine rumble which makes your phone/iPad vibrate! Seriously, you’ve gotta love technology. Stick it together with paper and you may have created Paperland heaven right there.

As Dave Scott from Ogilvy explains: “Although some of the techniques are there to wow, elements like the acetate page also serve a purpose, demonstrating options you can buy for your BMW. We wanted it to be subtle, to feel designed, something that every second page would surprise or delight without shouting.” Mission accomplished.

This job is a great example of offset working seamlessly with digital print and using outside embellishments to gain the best possible results. Increasingly, we’re seeing great examples of print and digital technologies working really well together as a complete package. The possibilities are becoming more and more exciting and a bonus for brands wanting to create a unique experience. We might be biased but can you blame us? Exciting times people. Get on board!