Level-up your printed pieces

Every paper stock has different inherent qualities based on the composition of the fibres in the pulp and how the paper is manufactured. Some papers are better suited to certain types of embellishment than others. We strongly recommend discussing what you want to achieve, along with your choice of paper, with your commercial print supplier before making a decision. Choosing the wrong stock for embellishment can be a disaster!



Embossing creates a striking tactile finish by leaving an image either indented or raised on the surface of the paper. Embossing can be done on many types of papers and boards. Blind embossing is embossing on a non-printed area (ie: there is no printed graphic to act as a guide — it is being done ‘blind’). Debossing, or negative embossing is embossing ‘into’ the paper instead of ‘out’ of the paper.
Price Rating: 6/10

Form cutting

Form cutting, also referred to as stamping or knifing, involves making a die that is stamp pressed against the paper stock to cut a shape. Form cutting can be used to create a custom shaped outer contour or to cut a window or shape out from the finished piece. Kiss cutting is similar to form cutting, but does not cut all the way through the stock material. Kiss Cutting is often used in manufacturing peel and stick labels.
Price Rating: 6/10

Spot UV

Spot UV is a gloss coating applied using ultra-violet radiation to cure the finish to the paper stock after the printing has been finished. Spot UV is often mistaken as a gloss Laminate finish as both have a similar appearance — but, a Spot UV has the advantage of being able to be applied in specific areas or as a image, not just as an all over finish.
Price Rating:8/10

Foil stamping

Foil stamping, also referred to as foiling, uses heat to adhere a foil material directly onto the paper surface. Foils come in many different colours and finishes including metallic, reflective and even holographic. Foils are opaque and can be used on coloured or black paper stocks to create a crisp, unique look. Some paper stocks, particularly textured paper, are not suited to foil stamping finishes.
Price Rating: 8/10


Available in both a gloss and matt finish, a laminate is a protective film that is applied over the surface of a printed piece. Sometimes a laminate is applied to a single side only (such as on a cover), or to both sides. A laminate gives a superior level of protection, is more durable and has a more striking finish than a varnish.
Price Rating: 6/10

Varnishes & aqueous finishes

Available in gloss, satin and matt, a varnish or aqueous finish provides an all-over protective coating that is scuff resistant and will stop ink rubbing off. Whilst a varnish or aqueous finish is more cost efficient than a laminate it also has considerably less visual impact.
Price Rating: 2/10

Doggett x Justus Magazine

Title: Justus Magazine issue 4: ‘Wrapped in you’
Designer: Lindsay Smith from Eleven Eleven Design
Stocks: Strathmore Premium Wove, Super Smooth and Cambric, Skin Curious Collection,Rives Design,Buffalo Kraft, HannoArt Satin, Curious Metallics,Impact,Wild,Buffalo Board
Printing specs: Predominantly offset printed with foil, UV, spot colours, die cuts, reflectakote plus digital section printed on a HP Indigo
Printed by: Platypus Graphics (QLD)

Justus issue 4 is about to hit the streets and we’re super excited to say it features a knockout selection of our finest fine papers. It’s like our paper dreams have come true.

With unlimited access to print and embellishment techniques, the Justus story starts with a Tafeda embossed Buffalo Board slip case, followed by a pearl ‘snowflake’ like foil on Wild paper. Opening the first pages, it shows UV printing on Strathmore Super Smooth and then it rolls on from there. Spot colours, copper foils, a silver reflectakote, French folds, die cuts and more. There is definitely nothing minimalist about Justus issue 4. More is more.

Designed and edited by Lindsay Smith of Eleven Eleven design, Justus Magazine is created to celebrate (and show off), the talent within the Australian print, paper and design industry. It is made by us, for us. Just us. Issue 4 ‘Wrapped in you’ has a central theme of packaging and is printed by Platypus Graphics. Based in Brisbane these guys run a slick operation and their skill as printers, foilers and finishers is clear to see. I addition, there’s also a special HP Indigo section which highlights what these new machines can do and how our paper responds to the new digital techniques.

Your K.W.Doggett Fine Paper specialist has a copy to show you in their next studio visit but if you can’t wait til then, log on to Justus and subscribe for yourself. We look forward to bringing this beauty to market soon.
















All good things come in small, colourful packages

Title: 2013 packaging promotions
Seesaw (VIC)
Client: K.W.Doggett Fine Paper
Stocks: Chill Board / Hercules Greyback
Printed by: Colna (boxes and coloured pad squares), Avon (foiling), Pala’s Print (pad squares with one colour print). All suppliers in VIC.

Thinking outside the box (gotta love a pun!), was the premise for the creation of these clever little stackable boxes. We thought it was about time to put some attention on our portfolio of packaging products so Chill Board and Hercules Greyback are the first to feature in this new look, developed by our friends at Seesaw.

The aim was to create promotions that were functional, fun and memorable. Something that wouldn’t be thrown into the (shock horror) bin when the rep leaves the building. It was important to create something unique yet complementary so we could add other packaging products to the suite down the track.


We like to have a bit of fun here at Doggett’s and Seesaw does too. The bold, colourful graphic patterns are a real stand-out. When Seesaw suggested a pad of samples to make the piece memorable and functional we thought: ‘Yeah for sure’ and they really had us at: ‘Let’s put a fortune cookie in the box’. They developed an icon for each so a snowflake for Chill Board, pointing to its freezer qualities and an anvil for Hercules Greyback, reflecting the strength of this particular product.

The first few pages of the pad, which acts as a mini swatch of sorts, talks about the features and benefits of the product and the remainder is a sample sheet from each grammage in the range. The idea is for our customer to be able to tear them off when visiting their client. Once again, clever.

The cookies include an assortment of five fortunes that are related to the benefits of each product. Chosen to fit in with the respective colour palettes and the products, we chose mint (green) for Chill Board and a banana (yellow) for Hercules Greyback. The sayings are the best like the ‘Freeze me baby one more time’ and ‘I want to pop your colour’ for Chill Board and ‘I give good stiffness’ and ‘Lean on me when you’re not strong’ for Hercules Greyback. It may just be us and our need for a holiday but we think they’re a crack up!

Speak to your paper specialist or account manager for a copy of the promotion if you haven’t already seen it. And if you ever have any specific packaging related questions, contact our business development manager John Alipan. He’s like a guru of packaging and even wears kaftans and burns incense in the office. Ok, so maybe not the last part but it would be great to see a kaftan around the office.

Applications (Hercules Greyback): All the necessities in your life, the ones you can’t do without – biscuits, nails, toiletries, tissues, soup, cereal, washing detergent and pharmacy products. Oh and popcorn too.

Applications (Chill Board): Only the most delicious things in life like ice cream, pizza, beer, frozen berries and pies.  Oh, and pretty cosmetics too.

Stock specs: Boxes and coloured pad squares – Hercules Greyback 350gsm and Chill Board 361gsm. Rest of the pads represent each grammage in the range.

Print specs: Boxes are offset printed with four PMS colours (PMS 333, PMS 102, PMS 1788, Warm Grey 11) plus some stipples. UV gloss varnish on boxes only. Grey squares warm grey 11 printed with a rubber stereo. Foils – silver confetti (Chill Board) and 098 red (Hercules Greyback).





BMW Australia brochure

Title: BMW Australian brochure
Agency: Ogilvy (VIC)
Client: BMW
Stocks: HannoArt – Silk / Knight – Vellum
Printed by: McKellar Brown Press (VIC) offset and digital. Avon Graphics (VIC): embellishments. The Bindery (VIC): binding.

This is a story about a small yet very exciting printed piece indeed. Why is this so you may be thinking/asking/pondering? It’s because it merges offset and digital print, paper, AR (augmented reality) and IR (image recognition) technology all in one tasty package. Safe to say, we like it a lot.

Ogilvy in Melbourne were asked to design a piece for new BMW drivers. Something that would connect them to the BMW experience, even when they’re not behind the wheel of the new car they’ve just purchased. The piece also needed to generate a relationship between the buyer and their dealer.


Two of our stocks feature in the booklet. The cover was printed on 340gsm Knight Vellum, text 170gsm HannoArt Silk, 140gsm Knight Vellum and 200gsm Knight Vellum (a 112gsm clear translucent trace paper and 96 micron clear acetate were also used). On some pages, a high build UV varnish appears on a matt stock, which feels good to touch. In other cases, it’s a heavier textured stock followed by a silk page.

The variety of grammages, papers and print techniques have transformed this brochure into ‘an experience and an adventure’. The additional use of IR and AR technology enhances the interactive nature of the booklet. Watching some of the pages come to life, revealing behind-the-scenes video footage, is pretty damn cool. Especially the page that starts with an engine rumble which makes your phone/iPad vibrate! Seriously, you’ve gotta love technology. Stick it together with paper and you may have created Paperland heaven right there.

As Dave Scott from Ogilvy explains: “Although some of the techniques are there to wow, elements like the acetate page also serve a purpose, demonstrating options you can buy for your BMW. We wanted it to be subtle, to feel designed, something that every second page would surprise or delight without shouting.” Mission accomplished.

This job is a great example of offset working seamlessly with digital print and using outside embellishments to gain the best possible results. Increasingly, we’re seeing great examples of print and digital technologies working really well together as a complete package. The possibilities are becoming more and more exciting and a bonus for brands wanting to create a unique experience. We might be biased but can you blame us? Exciting times people. Get on board!