Ball & Doggett partners with global leader, Sappi, to distribute their innovative and sustainable barrier papers.

As Australia's leading distributor of printable materials and consumables, this partnership bolsters Ball & Doggett’s ever-expanding product offering—their first in the flexibles space—and solidifies their ongoing commitment in bringing innovative and sustainable solutions to the local market.

Sappi is a market and innovation producer of functional papers with integrated barrier functionality and excellent heat-sealing properties. These papers for flexible packaging come with integrated barriers against oxygen, water vapour, grease, aroma and mineral oil.

“Thanks to the integrated barriers, there is no need to apply special coatings or laminations. This innovative paper responds to market demand for alternatives to foils and plastic,” the company said.  

“This fantastic partnership between Ball & Doggett and Sappi signals our further expansion into the flexibles market as we continue to diversify our product offering and present sustainable alternatives where fit for purpose,” says Lou Tsoukalas, National Manger – Flexible Packaging, Ball & Doggett. “This is an exciting space in the Labels & Packaging division of our business, and is experiencing sustained growth stemming from continuous product innovation.”

”The partnership will be a huge benefit for customers needing a quick turnaround as new business opportunities are created for Barrier Papers.  Having stock available from Ball & Doggett’s warehouses in Australia, will bring a more efficient and timely process to what is a long lead-time out of our European manufacturing base” says Craig Brown, Managing Director, Sappi Australasia. We have found that new business can be a long and expensive process from concept, to trials to orders and having stock on the floor will help smooth that out.

This partnership grants Ball & Doggett distribution of three of Sappi’s paper-based packaging grades – produced from largely renewable sources. Offering a paper-based packaging solution with integrated heat-sealing function, and two high-barrier paper-based packaging solutions to replace multi-layer barrier films, providing greater value and sustainable options to support our customers and brand owners.

Ball & Doggett is the destination for sustainable packaging.

For further information on this announcement or product specifics, please contact:
Lou Tsoukalas
National Manager – Flexible Packaging
0447 892 340
Ball & Doggett

Formakote™ – The complete package

As Australian businesses continue to recover from the global pandemic, the challenges of supply chain remain a significant issue for SMEs with more than one in four citing supply of stock as an issue for their operations, according to new research from NAB.

Consumers are now all too aware just how fragile supply chains can be in the face of a health crisis, natural disaster or international incident. Ball & Doggett is certainly not immune from the pressures of global supply chain disruptions when sourcing materials from offshore locations.

Strong relationships with local suppliers can help ease the effects of global pressures and minimises supply chain disruptions. Our enduring partnership with Whakatane Mill Limited – the region’s only carton board manufacturer – has allowed us to do just that, to the benefit of our customer base.


We caught up with Brett Keen, Sales Manager ANZ, Whakatane Mill Limited, at PacPrint, during his recent visit to Melbourne, to chat all things Formakote™ – the iconic carton board range – and present him with our newly created swatch book.

Formakote™ is our safe, flexible and sustainable carton board product, manufactured with unparalleled expertise by the FSC certified mill, located on the east coast of New Zealand’s north island.

“We recently reintroduced our folding box board range under the Formakote™ banner, offering four board types, Natura, White, Spectra and Sherpa,” explains Brett Keen.

“Formakote™ is produced to the highest quality, for optimal performance and the greatest product safety. It is made with a 3-layer structure that combines locally produced virgin kraft pulps and mechanical fibres. They are clay coated to meet the requirements of end users such as FMCG, beverage carrier boards and food services.” Brett added.

Formakote White, Natura and Spectra all comply with stringent food contact requirements.


The Formakote™ family covers four distinct carton board grades:

Formakote™ White – Whiteback GC1 Whether it is packaging for Quick Service Restaurants or Supermarket shelves, Formakote™ White is the ideal choice.

Formakote™ Natura – Manillaback GC2 For your everyday packaging needs, Formakote™ Natura provides great value and performance and is available as hard sized for chilled food.

Formakote™ Spectra – Kraftback GC4 When strength and stiffness are critical, Formakote™ Spectra covers all the options.

Formakote™ Sherpa – Carrierboard As the name implies, Formakote™ Sherpa is tough and durable for any carrier-board application. Sherpa has high wet strength attributes, important for wet or chilled environments.

Ball & Doggett are continuing to see a very high increase in demand for our fibre-based products as more brand owners seek substitution solutions for plastic packaging, where fibre-based alternatives are fit for purpose.

Brett echoed this trend by adding, “It’s something we’ve seen from the outset at Whakatane Mill, after we moved away from producing liquid packaging board back to carton board, we’ve experienced an immediate and significant increase in demand for our products.”

The Formakote™ Swatch Book is available now through your local Ball & Doggett representative.

Illegal Logging Act, the facts

On 30 November 2014, the Illegal Logging Act law will come into effect. The Act, passed by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, requires all importers of wood based products (including us) to formally declare their shipment does not contain any illegal wood fibre. In order for companies/people to make this legal declaration they must first undertake comprehensive due diligence on all the wood based products they import. Wood based products can be: newsprint, toilet paper, greeting cards, furniture, wood pulp, building materials and of course in our case, commercial printing paper.


The due diligence process requires a detailed investigation into each product, the company who makes it, the tree species used, the country of origin and the overall risk associated with the contents of the product. Only after the criteria has been met and the product is considered low risk can the company then make this legal declaration and continue to import the wood based product.


K.W.Doggett Fine Paper is currently undertaking this project and has now factored the due diligence process into our standard purchasing procedure. The benefits to you are that you can be sure that any wood based product you purchase within Australia has been subjected to the due diligence criteria and is almost certain to have not contributed to the world wide issue of illegal logging. Illegal logging continues to be a global problem and the best way to stop supply is to dry up demand. If illegal harvesters can’t sell the wood anywhere, then there’s no incentive to chop it down. Similar acts have been passed in the US, Canada and Europe and more countries/regions are set to follow.

For years, illegal logging has been degrading forests, reducing biodiversity and significantly contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Most of this logged wood ends up in things like furniture or for local energy use. It’s not to say the paper industry hasn’t over the years contributed to deforestation but the reality is paper and climate change have been so closely linked for over 20 years now that it can be considered one of the world’s leading industries for environmental stewardship. The beauty of having the NGO’s shine their spotlight on our industry means that we have had to examine each and every process. Raw material, re-harvesting, energy consumption and recycling after use. We’re proud of where our industry sits now and K.W.Dogggett Fine Paper has an open book policy for anybody who wishes to review where our paper comes from and how it is made.

Summary of illegal logging:

  • Reassurance the paper you purchase is sourced from responsibly managed forests and/or third party certification programs like FSC or PEFC.
  • Information will be available regarding the country of origin the wood chips are sourced from.
  • A comprehensive list of the names of timber species used in each product.
  • Confidence in knowing you are helping to support and improve how the world’s forests are managed for future generations.

We don’t view sustainability as an environmental catch-cry, but rather as a way of doing business, which is why we source quality products that are of no compromise to sustainability. All of our paper is responsibly sourced and in fact, 96% bear the third party certification of either FSC or PEFC. Having this extra level of assurance with the Act being passed, will assist you with making even more confident paper choices.

If you want to know more about the Illegal Logging Act, visit and you can subscribe for updates through this email:





house of card, a portable, sustainable wonder

house of card was originally designed for disaster relief housing and measures 10ft tall x 8ft wide x 12ft deep. Founder, Georgia Hopkins, first took this wonderful structure to music festival SXSW in Texas, where she collaborated with an Australian coffee company in LA and Sounds Australia, to set up pop-up coffee house that promoted quality design, coffee, music and sustainability.

1Then house of card went to an art exhibition in Santa Barbara, the Abbot Kinney Festival in Venice Beach, California and now it’s here in Oz-tray-lia! Georgia is creating a hotel out of the structure, soon to appear in a secret Melbourne location. She’s collaborating with local brands that share similar values around design and sustainability. While in Melbourne, house of card will also be a series of mini-dinner parties, with profits going to charity ‘Food for Thought’, founded by Ben Whittaker. Have a read of ben’s story here.

7You can follow the progress of house of card on Instagram @houseofcard or via the web You can also follow Georgia on Facebook @gigihop

Photos credits:

Pics 1 & 2. The Creative & The Planner

Pic 3. AUST.