Matte Gold Embellishments

We all love a bit of bling on paper, especially the gold variety, or silver, or bronze…we’re not fussy! Matt Murcott, Director at Matte Gold sure knows how to make paper sparkle. Being in the business of embellishments, they specialise in foil stamping, embossing, forme cutting, holographics and even highly secure hologram foils.

Family owned and operated, Matt first sighted a foil-stamping machine as a child in the Moorabbin factory where his father worked. After countless school holidays cutting his printing teeth on the Milford Astor hand foil stamping press, at 17 years of age, Matt began his foilstamping apprenticeship. The rest is history. Matt shares: “Matte Gold was always going to be realised – it was just a matter of when…”

Now a Foilmaster in his own right, Matt and his team work on some seriously cool projects from shimmering candle labels to stickers for tattooists, specialised business cards with coloured foils and specialty applications like Perspex and leather. For the last five years Murcott has worked closely with the RMIT Design Management and students, sharing his knowledge of the trade and is also on their Program Advisory Committee.

The embellishment industry has come a long way in recent years and business is constant for Matte Gold. The biggest challenge has always been about education, for designers and consumers. Matt says: “Offshore options for consumers are slowly being reigned in thanks to poor quality and slow turnarounds but what remains is the ‘I want it now and I want it cheap’ issue… Designers are more inclined to ask questions before pushing the boundaries.”

When asked what the ultimate job would be, Matt said: “We do a bit of work with musicians and tried to get a spot producing some items for Midnight Oil’s tour this year, this would have been my personal dream project if we had pulled it off. Other than this, a lot of our work is so much fun and some days what we are doing right now, is dreamy enough.”

You can check out more of Matte Gold’s flashy creations here.















A label fit for an ice bucket

Did you know we sell all sorts of sticky labels? Address, beer, wine, invite, closure and loads more. We’ve pretty much got labels for all types. One of our self adhesive ranges that’s exclusive to us is Wausau. It has loads of colours and finishes. Everything from metalised silver, gloss or matt, natural kraft, black vellum, eggshell, white or even fine mesh like texture finishes.

Wausau Estate #8 Vellum – Ever Opaque is our latest fave. An elegant, white face stock with a toothy, vellum finish used for prestigious wine, beer and spirits labelling. It’s a strong, durable, ‘wet strength’ label that maintains its opacity and adhesion (the fibres are less likely to separate so the integrity of the label is not compromised), even hours after immersion in an ice bucket. Say whaaaat?! The under laminate film stops the general creasing and bubbling you get with other uncoated labels. It also reduces the wet-out (transparent) look you can sometimes get. Winning!

If you find yourself working on a brief to create a boutique brew, wine or spirit label, Wausau Estate #8 Vellum – Ever Opaque now comes in SRA3 sheets for use on HP Indigo and Dry Toner presses (traditionally it’s a roll label product). Some pros of now being able to digitally print this label on a HP Indigo or Dry Toner press are:

– No minimum orders required so now you can do short runs.
– Cheaper in sheets than buying it as a roll.
– Come in both solid and split backs (if you need a special die cut, call us and we can sort out a manufacturing order).

If you’re one of our customers and have an ‘Adhesive Rolls’ swatch, check it out for some samples of the Wausau range. Or call you trusty rep for more information.












Gettin’ sticky with it!

Stocks: Estate #9 Laid – Cream, Dull Gold, Bright Gold, Bright Silver and Buffalo Kraft.
Printed by: Us.

We sell paper, of course, but we also specialise in other printing materials like our Doggett Labels range. Our motto is: “If you can print on it, we sell it.”

Introducing the newest kids on the labels block: Estate #9 Laid – Cream, Dull Gold, Bright Gold, Bright Silver, Buffalo Kraft and Flexible Vinyl.* Think lux labels for wine, wedding stationery, craft beer, awards invites, pharmaceutical and address labels, FMCG and cosmetic packaging, bumper stickers or price labels, plus much more!


Doggett Labels are manufactured on site by us meaning we can offer customised jobs quick as a flash, as well as standard templates. Our website allows you to search by size, shape, height/width, labels per sheet and sheet size. You can then download the print ready template in PDF or Word format. If you can’t find the template you want, we’ll make it for you.

For a bit of fun, we’ve created this alphabet using the new products to show you the sorts of things you can die-cut, not just standard label shapes (please note, ‘ninjaz’ doesn’t mean anything in particular, it’s just a cool word we made up using the letters in the promo – we were channeling our sticker craze days from the late 80s!).


We also thought it was high time to bring back the Doggett Labels guide, originally released in 2006. It’s an oldie but a goodie and now includes an updated list of materials, templates, stock availability and samples to help make choosing your labels easy. Remember, if you are unsure of what label material to use, please contact our friendly samples department to request a sample or speak to your paper representative. Get sticking!

*Flexible Vinyl is not available until end of June.