A unique scented product range by Grosz Co.Lab

We are suckers for scented products, especially ones that are beautiful and best of all for a good cause!

The makers are Grosz Co.Lab, an inter-disciplinary creative studio in Melbourne run by Ben and Laura. Working closely with long-time client Red Cross, they have developed a bespoke range of packaging for diffusers, candles, soaps and creams. The first project of this kind that Red Cross have embarked upon.

Printed on Buffalo Board 332gsm and 225gsm, each product is inspired by the Australian Landscape. “It was actually established very early on from the Red Cross team that they’d like to explore the use of a natural brown stock for the range as a reference to their heritage,” says Ben. And who can resist delish scents like Bush Rose, Native Garden and Desert Fig?

The super cool print effect (designed to mimic the scent materialising and dissipating) is a bitmap gradient allowing the colour of the stock to come through each of the three PMS colours. Working with Scott Henry at Colna Print & Pak, white ink was then mixed in with each colour and the level of opacity was adjusted on press to get just the right effect. Nice!

Available at Red Cross shops (they just sold out online but will be back soon), the funds raised helps to support the vital work of the organisation locally and abroad. “We feel fortunate they entrusted it to us – especially as it was not only the packaging design that we created, but also establishing the vision for the product range, naming and also consulting on the curation of the scents. We’re thrilled it’s been a success for them,” says Ben. See more of the project on www.groszcolab.com.au.

When asked what they’re dreams were for the future, Ben shares “…something that combines design across a range of disciplines, along with music, dance, fashion and/or scent would be a dream. Or perhaps a design museum! We have many ideas – we just need the funds.”  No doubt we’ll be seeing more from Grosz Co.Lab very soon.







2016 Doggett Christmas Card

Designer: Studio Constantine (VIC).
Card Stock: Duplexed Curious Collection Metallics – Super Gold 250gsm and Virtual Pearl 120gsm.
Envelope Stock: Curious Collection Matter – Desiree Red 135gsm*.
Printed by:Blue Print (VIC).
Duplexed by: Cartonlux (VIC).
Envelopes by: Direct Envelopes (VIC).
Finished by:Blue Print (VIC). Scored, trimmed and folded.

Our 2016 Christmas card is so bright that we reckon it could probably give you a sunnies tan line. Which is why we love it.

We asked David of Studio Constantine to get creative so the card would bring merriment to our rather broad client base (graphic designers to corporates). When looking for inspiration, we like to imagine that after a few eggnogs staring up at the overcast summer sky, David had a lightbulb moment. He would create a card featuring the bright Aussie sun we’ve all been waiting for.

What we have is a duplexed card on Curious Collection Metallics – Super Gold 250gsm and Virtual Pearl 120gsm. It was printed HP Indigo black with white ink overprint (2 hits @ 50%) on the front ala the setting sun. We also had envelopes custom made in Curious Collection Matter – Desiree Red 135gsm* and printed Doggett Labels circular (C45 & C60) stickers in-house for postage and closure labels.

The combo of the red and the gold is very Christmas and a little bit Chinese New Year too. All in all – party time.

*Grammage not stocked by KWD – available on request from Arjowiggins.










Our 2016 ‘Best in show’ calendar low down

Agency: Seesaw (VIC).
Stocks: Finesse Cast Coated 250gsm, Wild 150gsm, HannoArt Plus Gloss 200gsm, Knight – Smooth 140gsm, SKIN Curious Collection – Pink 270gsm, Curious Metallics – Virtual Pearl 240gsm, Envirocare 100% Recycled 250gsm, Cambric – Colonial White 270gsm, Tablex – Textures Wrinkles 280gsm, Kaskad – Peacock Blue 160gsm, Sovereign A2 – Silk 250gsm, Barry Bleach Board 170gsm, Rives Design – Brilliant White 250gsm, Sovereign Offset 160gsm and Sovereign A2 – Digital Gloss 200gsm.
Printed by: Rawsons Graphics. Spot UV Gloss by Horizon Graphics, emboss by Goldcraft. All in NSW
Printing specs: UV offset and Indigo digitally printed.

Bring on the 2016 Doggett calendar, as voted by YOU! Featuring many of our favourite papers and a few bells and whistles, ‘Best in Show’ is a celebration, a paper and poochie bonanza showcasing the most popular images dating back to 2000. The fate of the calendar was put in the hands of our customers, paper lovers and social family and over 1000 people submitted a vote. So a huge thank you, to everyone, who participated.

The cover and December artwork is by paper genius and friend Benja Harney. That man can fold paper like nobody’s business and also happens to be the loveliest guy. Benja also made the paper rosette worn by 100 pooches from around Australia that took part in the ‘Pimp my Pooch’ campaign.

What is this you speak of?! Pimped pooches?! We offered all our customers the opportunity to have their pooch feature as the January star in a custom Indigo printed calendar. Some of the stars are shown below and you can check out others on our Insta page.

To all of our lucky customers that receive a calendar, your rep is coming around in the weeks before Christmas with your copy. Enjoy!



Printing specs:

  • Cover: CMYK plus emboss on Finesse Cast Coated 250gsm.
  • Credits page: CMYK on Wild 150gsm.
  • January: CMYK on HannoArt Plus Gloss 200gsm.
  • February: CMYK on Knight – Smooth 140gsm.
  • March: CMYK plus 4 hits white ink (title of month) and 2 hits white ink (dates and image) on SKIN Curious Collection – Pink 270gsm.
  • April: CMYK on Curious Metallics – Virtual Pearl 240gsm.
  • May: CMYK on Envirocare 100% Recycled 250gsm.
  • June: CMYK on Cambric – Colonial White 270gsm.
  • July: CMYK on Tablex – Textures Wrinkles 280gsm.
  • August: CMYK on plus 4 hits white ink (title of month) and 2 hits white ink (dates and image) on Kaskad – Peacock Blue 160gsm.
  • September: CMYK on Sovereign A2 – Silk 250gsm.
  • October: CMYK plus Spot Gloss UV on Barry Bleach Board 170gsm.
  • November: CMYK on Rives Design – Brilliant White 250gsm.
  • December: CMYK on Sovereign Offset 160gsm. ‘Pimp my pooch’
  • Custom January month: Indigo CMYK on Sovereign A2 – Digital Gloss 200gsm. Please read the contents page and blurb of calendar.

Check out some of the ‘Pimp my Pooch’ entries. Woof!


Dot Georgoulas’ pooch Diego


Helen McGeachin’s pooch Finn


Renee Stead’s pooch Snoop

A little about us, a little about the calendar:
Dogs for Doggett seems a logical connection. But it wasn’t always the case. In the early 90s (hello purple, green and orange corporate colours!), David Lancashire suggested we should incorporate dogs into our marketing material. It took a fair bit of persuading to get Ken and John across the line. Who would have thought a funny name like Doggett would turn out to be such an asset! Fast forward to 2016 and ‘Best in Show’ is a celebration of doggie themed calendars from the last 15 years. It’s worth mentioning that over the years, the calendar has been just as much about the students/emerging talent that create it, as it is about dogs. Each year we brief in the doggie theme and are blown away by the creative ideas we get back. We’d like to say thanks to the students, lecturers and creatives that have helped us make the Doggett calendar such a success.






Comfort Room Forms, a book by Matlok Griffiths

Artist: Matlok Griffiths
Shane Loorham from Liquorice/Silent Partner (VIC)
Publisher: PubPubLishing
Stocks: Kaskad Oriole Gold 100gsm, Kaskad Leafbird Green 100gsm, Kaskad Bullfinch Pink 100gsm, Knight Smooth 120gsm, Buffalo Board and Knight Digital Indigo 120gsm.
Printing specs: Offset, Digital and Letterpress + Opaque White ink.
Printed by: The Hungry Workshop, On Demand and SS Printing (part of Documents on Call). All in VIC.

We love a good page-turner and Matlok Griffith’s book ‘Comfort Room Forms’ is no exception! Combining an exotic blend of drawings, vibrant papers and print techniques, it is the complete creative package.

Designed in collaboration with Shane Loorham from Liquorice/Silent Partner (VIC), the 80 page book is a mix of full colour and one colour reproductions of Matlok’s drawings, made while he lived in the tropical island city of Dumaguete in the Philippines, surrounded by the smell of fried chicken and gasoline.


We picked Shane’s brain about the creative: “The book was designed in very close collaboration with the artist. We had been collaborating for a few years, designing and in some cases, hand-printing exhibition catalogues for him with a heavy degree of DIY coming through in the production. We were excited when this opportunity to create something a bit larger and more involved came up.”

Matlok’s original drawings were completed on a varied mixture of Filipino commodity papers, many of which were pretty bright and cheerful. In an effort to best reproduce them in printed form, the book was primarily printed offset in one colour on a variety of vibrant coloured stocks including Kaskad Oriole Gold 100gsm, Leafbird Green 100gsm and Bullfinch Pink 100gsm and Knight Smooth 120gsm. The credits and title pages were printed digitally on Knight Digital Indigo 120gsm. But wait, there’s more production goodness…

Shane explains: “We chose Buffalo Board for the front and back covers and had them letter pressed using Opaque white ink by our friends at The Hungry Workshop. Printing the covers this way was a bit of a gamble as no one was quite sure how the white ink would reproduce on the board. We were ready to change the colour at the last minute if need be, but the guys at The Hungry Workshop worked their magic and did a wonderful job for us!”

To see more of Matlok’s beautiful work, you can visit his website here http://matlokgriffiths.com/ or you can ask your friendly paper specialist to show you a printed sample the next time they pop by your studio.






Curious Matter HP Indigo print test

StocksCurious Matter Désirée Red 270gsm and Adiron Blue 270gsm, Goya White 380gsm, Andina Grey 380gsm, Ibizenca Sand 270gsm and Black Truffle 380gsm.
Printed by: Press Print Digital (VIC).

We are crushing all over the Curious Matter range. It has so many attractive qualities, like its flashy colour palette, sandy surface that is rough yet surprisingly smooth to touch AND the fact it’s also compatible with offset, embossing, screen and even dry toner printing. A complete package really, well almost…

We’ve fielded lots of questions lately about the stock’s suitability across the HP Indigo platform as it is not guaranteed for use on these machines. So we ran a print test using opaque white ink and CMYK. The stock was Sapphire coated first and we are pretty chuffed with the result. As you can see it does work, we just had to find someone willing to push the boundaries with us on this one!


Printing specs:

  • Card 1: Goya White printed CMYK on a HP Indigo.

  • Card 2: Andina Grey printed two hits of CMYK on a HP Indigo, with four hits of opaque white ink.

  • Card 3: Désirée Red printed on a HP Indigo with six hits of opaque white ink.

  • Card 4: Adiron Blue printed on a HP Indigo with six hits of opaque white ink

  • Card 5: Ibizenca Sand printed CMYK on a HP Indigo, with four hits of opaque white ink.

  • Card 6: Black Truffle printed two hits of CMYK on a HP Indigo, with four hits of opaque white ink.

Speak to your printer about coating Curious Matter if you’re running a digital job as only certain printers have coating capabilities.

A bit about Curious Matter:

The Curious Matter range made by Arjowiggins, is all about the tactile experience of the paper. It’s sand-like yet silky feel (because of the potato starch it’s coated with) will see your paws all over it, rubbing it and exclaiming ‘wow, hmmm, what does that feel like?’. Available in rich bold colours in 270gsm and 380gsm, think invitations, annual reports, business cards, brochures, swing tags and much more. Enjoy!






The 50NZ Dow Retrospective by StudioBrave

Title: The 50NZ Dow Retrospective by StudioBrave
Agency: StudioBrave
Stocks: Keaykolour Jet Black 300gsm, Conqueror Laid Calligraphy 300gsm and Knight Digital Indigo 120gsm
Printing specs: Digitally printed
Printed by: Press Print (VIC)

StudioBrave have designed a spectacular new printed piece – the Dow 50NZ Retrospective. We always say a great design makes the paper and StudioBrave have done just that. Printed by Melbourne’s Press Print, they have taken digital printing to a new level.

Dow is a global chemical organisation involved in the markets of agriculture, consumers, energy, infrastructure and transportation. The 50NZ Dow Retrospective was produced to commemorate 50 years of business in New Zealand. StudioBrave shares: “We were engaged to produce a book that harnessed the rich history of Dow in New Zealand and the culture that surrounds it. The company had become synonymous with New Plymouth, producing generations of employees and becoming part of the fabric that makes up the region. This book was for them, for every employee of the past 50 years.”


The piece combines beautiful artwork, a selection of monochromatic papers and print techniques that work together seamlessly. The paper includes Keaykolour Jet Black 300gsm for the cover, belly wrap on Conqueror Laid 300gsm with opaque white ink plus Knight Digital Indigo 120gsm for the text. Carlo Mussett from StudioBrave  explains: “It was important the book felt tactile, personal and natural, to reflect Dow’s passion for sustainability in agriculture and the environment. Conqueror Laid Calligraphy was used to complement this concept and every employee’s name has been foiled on the inside cover for an added personal touch.”

The pages of the retrospective are a treat to explore and the paper lends itself really well to image rich photography. StudioBrave engaged photographer Derek Swalwell to shoot New Zealand’s North Island, in particular New Plymouth. Carlo explains: “We wanted this to be a retrospective first and a company branded book second, by removing corporate colours and bringing in the iconic black of New Zealand, we found a balance and relationship grow between the book and its content.”

This is a great example of how you can design for digital print and really push the boundaries of creativity to achieve a outstanding result! To see more of StudioBrave’s work go to www.studiobrave.com.au









New! Wood FX is a printable wood product

We all know paper comes from wood. Well, now wood is the paper. Whaaaa? Introducing Wood FX, a wood veneer board in cherry and birch colours with a white coated reverse so you can print both sides. We like to think of it as 60s office wood panelling meets modern log cabin. Made by Masterpiece Graphix (USA), it’s also HP Indigo certified, works on dry toner machines and is made from wood sourced from certified responsibly managed forests. But wait, there’s more…

This distinctive paper can also be printed offset, letterpress, screen and UV ink presses (prior testing recommended) and is also water resistant. Working and printing on wood is essentially the same as printing digitally on paper and Wood FX’s reverse coated back allows you to create all sorts of unique print jobs. Think vintage style laser cut invitations, duplexed business cards or maybe add an organic look to a menu design, packaging project, sustainability report and more.

A big bonus is that the ink dosen’t feather, giving sharp, defined ink lay down so things like printed bar codes scan properly and text is readable. Wood FX comes in sheets and is available in 305gsm. What ‘wood’ you rather choose for your next project?

Remember, you can always visit our website for more information about this range or explore our new ‘Colour wall‘ to see the real deal. Enjoy!


Above: Set of five A6 cards entitled ‘Wooden you like to be beside the seaside’ printed by Press Print Digital (VIC).

  • Card 1 (lobster) – Cherry Wood Veneer printed on a HP Indigo with three hits of opaque white ink base + CMYK.
  • Card 2 (whale) – Birch Wood Veneer printed on a HP Indigo CMYK.
  • Card 3 (umbrellas) – Birch Wood Veneer printed on a HP Indigo with two hits of opaque white ink base + CMYK.
  • Card 4 (lighthouse) – Cherry Wood Veneer printed on a HP Indigo with three hits of opaque white ink + CMYK.
  • Card 5 (seagull) – Side 1: Birch Wood Veneer printed on a HP Indigo with two hits of opaque white ink base + CMYK. Side 2: printed black only.



Above: Cherry Wood Veneer card – printed on a HP Indigo with two hits of CMYK. The two outer sheets are Cherry Wood Veneer 305gsm with two sheets of Keaykolour Original – Guardsman Red 300gsm sandwiched in the middle. Birch Wood Veneer card – printed on a HP Indigo with three hits of white ink. The two outer sheets are Birch Wood Veneer 305gsm with two sheets of Knight Smooth – White 300gsm sandwiched in the middle. Printed by Bambra Press (VIC).



Above: Business cards for Engine Group printed offset on Birch Wood Veneer 305gsm duplexed to Sovereign Silk 300gsm by Platypus Graphics and laser cut by Potato Press (both in QLD).



Above: A3 posters for Mount Gay Rum printed HP Indigo on Cherry Wood Veneer 305gsm and Birch Wood Veneer 325gsm by Greenridge Press QLD.

Snap, crackle, Pop’Set, our latest digital promo is here.

Title: K.W.Doggett Fine Paper Pop’Set Promotion
Stocks: Pop’Set Cosmo Pink, Lime Tonic, Black 320gsm and Curious Translucents Clear 92gsm.
Printed by: Intelligent Media (Cosmo Pink and Black cards), McKellar Renown Press (Lime Tonic card). Both in VIC.

Say hello to Pop’Set, the latest and brightest addition to our Doggett Digital range. Pop’Set is an ultra smooth, vibrant and highly pigmented range of specialty papers. Our Cosmo Pink, Lime Tonic and Black are sure to make your project snap, crackle and pop! Made by Arjowiggins Creative PapersPop’Set is also HP Indigo certified, works on dry toner machines and is FSC certified with 30% post consumer waste.

To promote this fun range we have created three A5 postcards using a graphic to show what can be achieved with a digital printing process, as well as the versatility and print quality of the paper. The crazy character on the front is called C-Myk, from an Arjowiggins contest created overseas. The theme of the promo is all about making print jobs pop! Think business cards and invitations that say ‘look at me’ or you might like to inject a burst of energy into your next annual report, promotional or packaging project.

Check out the colour reproduction on the Cosmo Pink card. It’s pretty spesh. To achieve this we had to ensure two hits of opaque white ink were laid down first as the base, then we printed CMYK over the top on a HP Indigo printer. It’s an affordable and quick way to achieve a killer result.

For something extra special, we printed the Black card with four hits of opaque white ink. We are loving the tonal effects between the denser and lighter areas.

As a comparison, the Lime Tonic card was printed CMYK on a dry toner Xerox Colour 800 to show how the ink responds to the intensity of the pigmented paper. It’s a cool way to play with colour and shows how you can produce an entirely different effect.

Printing specs:

  • Card 1 – printed CMYK with two hits of opaque white ink base on Pop’Set Cosmo Pink 320gsm.
  • Card 2 – printed CMYK on Pop’Set Lime Tonic 320gsm.
  • Card 3 – printed with four hits of opaque white ink base on Pop’Set Black 320gsm.
  • Belly band – Curious Translucents Clear 92gsm.

Our paper specialists and account managers are coming around to see you soon with your own copy. Remember, you can always visit our website for more information about this range or explore our new ‘Colour wall’ to see the real deal. Enjoy!











Buffalo Board recipe cards promotion

Title: Buffalo Board recipe cards promotion
Agency: Recipe cards – Seesaw (VIC). Notepads – K.W.Doggett Fine Paper.
Stocks: Recipe cards – Buffalo BoardKaskad Kingfisher Blue and Kaskad Fantail Orange. Notepads – Buffalo Kraft, Buffalo BoardGrange Tints Old Gold and Tablex Tints Salmon.
Printing specs: Recipe cards – Offset and digitally printed. Notepads – Debossed.
Printed by: Recipe cards – Bambra (VIC). Notepads – E.H. Stationers (VIC).

We have a fun, new and exciting Buffalo Board recipe cards promotion for you to feast your eyes on. The cards are a follow up to our previous promo in 2011. You may remember five recipe cards featuring mouth watering buffalo mozzarella dishes? Visit the post here. This latest set of colourful cards were designed by Seesaw and feature simple illustrative graphics that highlight the recipe’s ingredients. To showcase just how versatile Buffalo can be, Seesaw went to town with embellishments and we printed one card offset and the other digital. The recipes were kindly supplied by chef Maurizio Terzini, owner of popular Italian Restaurant Da’Orazio and the famous Icebergs Restaurant in Bondi.

The offset card is printed CMYK on Buffalo Board 283gsm with three foils ie Clear, White and Milford Astor GFE123 Dark Green for some extra bling. The digital card was printed HP Indigo CMYK on Buffalo Board 283gsm plus Opaque White Ink and duplexed to Kaskad Kingfisher Blue 270gsm with Opaque White Ink (two hits) phew! To wrap them all up nice and neat we added a belly band in Kaskad Fantail Orange 100gsm.


Buffalo Board is a low density, high yield product. It’s an uncoated, moisture-resistant folding carton board that is cost effective, has a verifiably low bacteria content compared to many other paperboard products and outstanding strength and durability. Buffalo Board is also available in 386gsm/711ums and is also used for health, beauty, fashion and beverage applications. It’s made from natural kraft fibres that are responsibly sourced and fully recyclable and is carbon neutral (measured exit mill gate).

Printing tips
Buffalo Board is suitable for all kinds of jobs. Think offset, digital and letterpress printing as well as embellishments like foil and screen printing. The natural kraft paper looks great with some white ink (consider two-three hits for offset and two hits for digital). If you want your CMYK colours to really pop, apply a white ink base first then a layer of CMYK over the top. This provides a surface for which the colour can sit up on, resulting in a brighter finish. You might like to do a combination of both like we did for the recipe cards (colours with and without a white base) to achieve a variety of printed effects. It comes up a treat!

It’s no secret we have a thing for bling, but kraft could be a close second. So we’ve also produced a set of A5 notepads as a gift for our customers. They come with three different spine colours – natural ie Buffalo Board, as well as Grange Tints Old Gold 80gsm and Tablex Tints Salmon 150gsm. All have a subtle K.W.Doggett Fine Paper debossed logo on them. It’s also perforated along the spine for writing down quick and easy tear-away ideas.


If you have any specific packaging related questions, please call our John Alipan, Packaging Business Development Manager  (National) on 0434 692 446 or jalipan@kwdoggett.com.au and for all the Syndey-siders, contact Chris Churchward on 0488 440 131 or cchurchward@kwdoggett.com.au

Our paper specialists and account managers are coming around to see you soon with your own copy. Enjoy!







Top 10 things you should know about digital printing

The world of printing is a wondrous but complex beast with all the proofs, colour correction, press checks, papers to choose from etc. Yet it’s very rewarding too. Seeing that printed piece come off press is a damn good feeling. But, it can also be tricky to know which print method to choose, particularly between offset v digital, so we’ve put together a list of important facts you should know when designing and printing digital jobs.

1. What is digital printing?  It is the term used to describe printing technology that links printing processes to computers. There are various technologies available but the two main types of machines fall under the HP Indigo or Dry Toner banners. Dry toner (powder toner) printers are the Kodak Nexpress, Fuji Xerox, Ricoh, Canon, Lanier, Konica Minolta. The HP Indigo (liquid electrostatic ink) presses include the 3550, 5600, 7600 and 10000 models.

2. Paper.  You need to use digitally certified papers, particularly important for the HP Indigo. Some printers will use non certified stocks and that’s ok, but it’s up to them. It’s also handy to advise them of the gsm and ums. Check our ‘Doggett Digital’ section for our range.

3. Print quality.  Improvements in digital printing means machines like the HP Indigo presses can produce similar print results to offset printing. Check out the astronauts below printed on Pop’Set Lime Tonic, Cosmo Pink and Black 320gsm with four hits of white ink and CMYK over the top.


(Project above printed by Intelligent Media).

4. Speed.  Digital printing is a simpler process compared to offset. Without the need for plates, mixing inks etc the final print can be delivered faster.

5. Cost effective.  No set-up costs, no minimum print quantities and no plate costs. Some digital machines are also capable of doing inline finishing like binding eg saddle stitch, perfect bound or wire binding, so costs and turnaround times are reduced.

6. Short runs.  It’s ideal for printing small to medium quantities ie 1-1000 units.

7. Personalisation.  Also known as variable data. This allows you to tailor your message to your audience so you can personalise invites with the recipient’s names ie wedding invitations. We’ve heard of a national retail store using this method for posters given each store had different details, they printed the job digitally in one go.

8. Effects.  Some digital machines such as HP Indigo have the ability to print special effects like white ink, special Pantone PMS colours, UV red invisible ink that fluoresces under ultraviolet light, clear varnish and gloss effects and raised ink, like an emboss effect. Here are some examples of Buffalo Board 283gsm printed using CMYK and white ink.


9. Green.  There are lots of positive environmental factors like no pre-press stages so no films, plates or photo chemicals which means less waste. Printing can use a lot of water but digital presses are now waterless saving thousands of litres of water per year.

10. Last minute jobs.  Lucky for you, digital printing can be done on demand and you have the ability to make last minute changes at the time of printing via the computer.

There are also many reasons why you would use offset printing too like the fact you can tweak the colours on press, do long runs etc. So just make sure you go for the right print method depending on your desired outcome. Stay tuned for more printing tips and production information in the next issue of Fetch. This final piece is printed CMYK on Knight Digital Indigo 270gsm.