Gettin’ sticky with it!

Stocks: Estate #9 Laid – Cream, Dull Gold, Bright Gold, Bright Silver and Buffalo Kraft.
Printed by: Us.

We sell paper, of course, but we also specialise in other printing materials like our Doggett Labels range. Our motto is: “If you can print on it, we sell it.”

Introducing the newest kids on the labels block: Estate #9 Laid – Cream, Dull Gold, Bright Gold, Bright Silver, Buffalo Kraft and Flexible Vinyl.* Think lux labels for wine, wedding stationery, craft beer, awards invites, pharmaceutical and address labels, FMCG and cosmetic packaging, bumper stickers or price labels, plus much more!


Doggett Labels are manufactured on site by us meaning we can offer customised jobs quick as a flash, as well as standard templates. Our website allows you to search by size, shape, height/width, labels per sheet and sheet size. You can then download the print ready template in PDF or Word format. If you can’t find the template you want, we’ll make it for you.

For a bit of fun, we’ve created this alphabet using the new products to show you the sorts of things you can die-cut, not just standard label shapes (please note, ‘ninjaz’ doesn’t mean anything in particular, it’s just a cool word we made up using the letters in the promo – we were channeling our sticker craze days from the late 80s!).


We also thought it was high time to bring back the Doggett Labels guide, originally released in 2006. It’s an oldie but a goodie and now includes an updated list of materials, templates, stock availability and samples to help make choosing your labels easy. Remember, if you are unsure of what label material to use, please contact our friendly samples department to request a sample or speak to your paper representative. Get sticking!

*Flexible Vinyl is not available until end of June.







Get crafty with our new Buffalo Kraft labels

It’s time to get crafty with our latest label offering – Buffalo Kraft labels. Use them to add an extra bit of wow to a gift, envelope or to spruce up your wedding invitations. The natural brown, uncoated sheet offers a modern, subtle organic feel to your project. Food contact approved to FDA standards, Buffalo Kraft labels are also an ideal match for FMCG, confectionery and even heavy duty packaging.

Our labels are manufactured on site meaning you can die cut any one of our A4 series templates onto Buffalo Kraft. Compatible with digital and offset printing, these labels come standard with Doggett branding or plain for large quantities, just make sure you specify this in your order. Our website makes it easy to choose your label template and it’s also available to download ready to apply your artwork!

We recommend testing the product to ensure it is suitable for your project. Contact our friendly Samples team to organise your sample test sheet today. If you have any specific label related questions, please call Chris Jackson, Business Development Manager – Self Adhesives and Synthetic Papers (National) on 0438 368 406 or




Doggett Labels are for all types

Let’s stick together, come on, come on let’s stick togetheeeer. Yes, these are lyrics from a famous song but they also represent our sticky side, Doggett Labels that is. We’re talking labels made in-house to give you the chance to get your paws on some super quick. If we don’t have the label you want, select the size and material and we’ll make it for you. And if you’re still not sure, you can visit our dedicated website section where you can search by shape, height/width, labels per sheet and sheet size. There are loads of uses for labels you may never have considered so we’ve included some for you below.

In a nutshell, we have:

  • A HUGE range of templates and sheet sizes.
  • Labels available in these sheet sizes: A4 (210x297mm), CG (225x330mm) and SRA3 (320x450mm).
  • Custom jobs aok.
  • Materials include: white laser, white gloss, matt white synthetic, translucent synthetic, Buffalo Kraft, matt white synthetic and fluorescent (green/orange/pink/red/yellow
  • Applications: warehousing, logistics, despatch and freight functions, address labels for letters, parcels and packaging, office use (files, folders, organisation and storage labels), product labels for branding, pricing, specials and use by date, closure seals (food, packaging, boxes, envelopes), hospital applications (radiology, admission), pharmaceuticals, CD/DVD/other media.

If you don’t already have a flyer like the one pictured, call your paper specialist.