Snap, crackle, Pop’Set, our latest digital promo is here.

Title: K.W.Doggett Fine Paper Pop’Set Promotion
Stocks: Pop’Set Cosmo Pink, Lime Tonic, Black 320gsm and Curious Translucents Clear 92gsm.
Printed by: Intelligent Media (Cosmo Pink and Black cards), McKellar Renown Press (Lime Tonic card). Both in VIC.

Say hello to Pop’Set, the latest and brightest addition to our Doggett Digital range. Pop’Set is an ultra smooth, vibrant and highly pigmented range of specialty papers. Our Cosmo Pink, Lime Tonic and Black are sure to make your project snap, crackle and pop! Made by Arjowiggins Creative PapersPop’Set is also HP Indigo certified, works on dry toner machines and is FSC certified with 30% post consumer waste.

To promote this fun range we have created three A5 postcards using a graphic to show what can be achieved with a digital printing process, as well as the versatility and print quality of the paper. The crazy character on the front is called C-Myk, from an Arjowiggins contest created overseas. The theme of the promo is all about making print jobs pop! Think business cards and invitations that say ‘look at me’ or you might like to inject a burst of energy into your next annual report, promotional or packaging project.

Check out the colour reproduction on the Cosmo Pink card. It’s pretty spesh. To achieve this we had to ensure two hits of opaque white ink were laid down first as the base, then we printed CMYK over the top on a HP Indigo printer. It’s an affordable and quick way to achieve a killer result.

For something extra special, we printed the Black card with four hits of opaque white ink. We are loving the tonal effects between the denser and lighter areas.

As a comparison, the Lime Tonic card was printed CMYK on a dry toner Xerox Colour 800 to show how the ink responds to the intensity of the pigmented paper. It’s a cool way to play with colour and shows how you can produce an entirely different effect.

Printing specs:

  • Card 1 – printed CMYK with two hits of opaque white ink base on Pop’Set Cosmo Pink 320gsm.
  • Card 2 – printed CMYK on Pop’Set Lime Tonic 320gsm.
  • Card 3 – printed with four hits of opaque white ink base on Pop’Set Black 320gsm.
  • Belly band – Curious Translucents Clear 92gsm.

Our paper specialists and account managers are coming around to see you soon with your own copy. Remember, you can always visit our website for more information about this range or explore our new ‘Colour wall’ to see the real deal. Enjoy!











Tacky is now ready for Dry Toner printing

Title: Tacky Dry A5 promotion
Agency: Andy Ashton, Work Art Life (VIC).
Stocks: Crystal Cling, White Repositionable, White Super Permanent, Super Tuff Poly (double sided, non adhesive product). Envelope printed on Sovereign A2 Digital – Gloss.
Printing specs: Digitally printed on a Kodak NexPress.
Printed by: The Tennyson Group (QLD).

The newest addition to our Doggett Digital range is Tacky Dry, a range of unique polyester products certified for use on all popular dry toner machines (only). Durable, tear, resistant and waterproof, the products run great, print great and have excellent toner adhesion. We don’t need to say too much more really.

Andy Ashton has produced another set of winning tacky images to continue the Tacky (for Indigo machines) story. The porcelain flamingo with the doilies is almost tacky chic. Did we just say that?


White super permanent: A high quality decal solution for projects requiring a permanent fix. Available in white only.

Applications: appliance labels, warehouse external signage, construction dumpsters, freezer labels, water heater labels etc.


Crystal Cling: Non adhesive cling used for interior and exterior applications. No solvents are needed for fixing or removal. It’s a true clear cling making it great for window applications.

Applications: shop specials, car window stickers, in store advertising, changeable window graphics eg stained glass look, fire safety signs, operating hours signs etc.


White Repositionable: A great alternative to vinyl because it won’t stretch when removed from the surface and will keep its shape even when reapplied. The face stock is a woven polyester fabric material, which is water, tear and UV resistant. The removable adhesive will not only stick to virtually any surface, it’s also repositionable, so it can easily be moved again and again. It’s like a magnet, but better, because you’re not limited to just metal surfaces. Painted walls, wood cabinets, glass and metal are all approved surfaces.

Applications: counter mats, custom educational products, employee of the month wall posters, event door and wall signs, interior car labels, laptop skins, magnets, hallway decorations etc.


Super Tuff Poly: This is a unique product because it’s tough but soft and is double sided. It has the positive characteristics of both polyester and paper. It is water and tear resistant and has the excellent durability plus its feeds, prints and handles print finishing processes like paper does. It even folds cleanly, which is really unique compared to other digital synthetic sheets.

Applications: Airline and hospital tray liners, boat manuals, book covers, bookmarks, maps, children books, coasters, construction plans, golf scorecards, heating and cooling tags, hiking luggage tags, maps, menus, place mats, racing bibs, tab dividers, tags, tape measures, tree tags, wristbands.


NexPress Gold Dry Ink is the bling without the price tag

Looking for a bit of sparkle without the cost? Need a job turned around quickly and want to add an embellishment? Well, if you didn’t already know, you’re about to find out how. A Kodak NexPress is a dry toner machine (powder toner as opposed to wet ink). The NexPress Gold Dry Ink offers a shimmery, metallic print effect.

To find out more, we interviewed two printers that are currently using this technique. Tony Parker, General Manager from Impact Digital in Melbourne and Theo Pettaras, Founder and Digital Print Innovator of Digitalpress in Sydney (the main image you see is from their promo piece). These lovely chaps are doing some fun things with this sparkly bit of goodness.

What is the gold ink technique and what does it look like?
The NexPress Gold Dry Ink produces a true metallic gold pigment, similar to traditional PMS metallic gold. It’s the first toner to provide a metallic look with sparkle effects. It’s applied on the fifth imaging station of the press and works inline with CMYK print. The effect can be used to enhance both raster and vector art, text and images. Laminating or UV coating jobs printed with Gold Dry Ink produce really sparkly results.


(Image above courtesy of Digitalpress)

Is it cost effective in relation to regular metallic ink?
This technique replicates traditional PMS gold but is good for short runs which is a big advantage. It’s cost effective but like with anything, it will depend on the quantity and product being printed. As a general guide, it increases the cost of digital CMYK printing by around 30%.

What applications can you use it for?
We wanted to quote the guys directly here because we love what they said. Theo said: “The applications are only limited to your imagination.” Tony said: “You can use this application on any product where a sparkle may be required!” And now the serious answers…use it for direct marketing to stand out from the regular kind of DM pieces, short run magazine and book covers, postcards, business cards, certificates, invitational work eg birthday’s or weddings, stationery items and wine labels to add a touch of sophistication.

What stocks work best eg colours, coated v uncoated?
Use this technique on all sorts of stocks. Gloss coated ones will make the gold stand out a bit more. White works well too for this reason. You do need to know that if you want to use coloured stocks it can affect the colour of the gold as it is transparent. Usually when you print a metallic ink on an uncoated paper the sheet will naturally absorb the ink which can lose the shiny metallic effect. So best to print CMYK underneath the Gold Dry Ink first.

Can you print different shades of the gold?
Yes. You can actually integrate tints and 4 colour process colours with the Gold Dry Ink to get loads of different ‘gold-ish’ (Theo’s word!) colours. Digitalpress has created an awesome book called ‘Fifty Shades of Gold’ where they had some fun with expanding the metallic colours.  When printed on top of another color, Gold Dry Ink can be used to simulate a variety of metallic effects including copper, bronze
and a wide range of metallic colors (quoted directly from the Kodak website).


(Image above courtesy of Digitalpress)

Tony mentioned they printed gold over the top of a red Christmas bauble once to produce a red metallic colour. The gold is not opaque so the other colour underneath it could be seen. They’ve got an awesome book called: ‘The digital print manifesto’ that is a wealth of info on digital printing in general.

And this nugget of gold (sorry, we couldn’t help it!) came from PaperSepcs, it’s a great explanation. The press first puts down CMYK then gold, which is treated like a spot colour. So you can add 10%, 20% etc on top. Or, if you want to highlight a specific tone in the image, you can use the gold like a bump plate.


(Image from the Impact Digital ‘The digital print manifesto’ book).

Hints for preparing files so they’re set-up to take gold ink.

Digitalpress in NSW has file set-up specifications on their website. If you’re working with Impact Digital in VIC, Tony suggests setting up your file with a PMS colour in the area you want the gold to appear, then rename the files to NexPress DryInk gold (case sensitive).


(Image above courtesy of Digitalpress)

A range of digital papers that are best in show

Roll out the toner splattered carpet, Doggett Digital has arrived! Thanks to the wonderful Seesaw in Victoria and their delightful dogs Klaus and Louie, we have this unique visual (that’s the pooches paw prints you can see) for our new sub-brand, Doggett Digital. It was about time we unified our digital product offering under one recognisable banner. We have a steadily growing range of products we stock suitable for the HP Indigo and Dry Toner machines including paper, boards, labels, vinyls and synthetics.


Here’s what we’ve rolled out with the new branding:

  • Swatch kit (for digital printers).
  • Price book (for digital printers).
  • Printing guides ie one for our Dry Toner products and one for our HP Indigo certified ones.
  • Wrapping paper
  • Eye candy samples (a range of colours and awesome print techniques

We have some exciting new colours and ranges like the Pop’Set from Arjowiggins Creative Papers (UK) in Lime Tonic, Black and Cosmo Pink in 320gsm and the new Mohawk Loop Digital i-Tone Antique Vellum in Straw and Urban Gray. These new products add colour to what is normally a predominantly white range of papers. Coming soon is Tacky for Dry Toner, following on from the Tacky for Indigo range released at the beginning of the year. And look out for our Doggett Digital branded trucks, on a street near you soon.

The pattern Seesaw created is meant to replicate a toner splatter on paper and the footprints of a dog (two in this case) that have walked right through the centre of the mess. We love it.

Need a digital expert?  Call or email Jon Roberts, Business Development Manager – Digital and he’d be happy to assist. Phone: 0409 411 546 or






Skin Curious Collection

Title: Skin Curious Collection
Agency: Three60 (VIC)
Client: K.W.Doggett Fine Paper
Stocks: SKIN Curious Collection / SKIN Curious Collection Digital
Printed by: Bambra Press (VIC)

Did you hear? We recently revealed our Skin. A new unique collection of speciality papers that is. Skin Curious Collection is a smooth yet silky range with a distinct matt finish. To launch this exciting new product, we produced a small promo of four A5 cards to show the print quality of the stock as well as a brand spanking new swatch. Three60 created the promo, using the idea of a ‘second skin’ to develop the creative. Three60 often collaborate with some pretty cool cats. Enter photographer Pierre Toussaint and make-up artist Rae Morris. Next, organise a photo shoot of a striking male model with a set of lips most women would die for, add some glycerine and a mesmerising display of paint and you have some seriously stunning visuals that make up the mini promo.


Three60 wanted to create energy and tension with the paint, with the ‘second skin’ made-up of texture and rich colour. They did this by covering the subject in paint so that he was almost non-existent. Hours of experimentation with the glycerine added thickness and body to the paint which was then applied with consideration and yet elements of randomness. We can honestly say when the first round of images came through, there was a touch of shock and yet a massive amount of intrigue. We were like ‘What is this?!’ and yet we absolutely loved it!

The postcards are printed on Skin Curious Collection Extra White 380gsm (offset printed), Extra White 380gsm (1 colour black offset) this is the spec card, Digital Extra White 270gsm (HP Indigo CMYK) and Black 270gsm (1 colour screen print – silver metallic ink). The range comes in a palette of contemporary colours, includes a digital sheet and is resistant to scuff and finger marks. The three pastel shades (Extra White, Ivory and Stone) handle 4 colour printing brilliantly. Alternating belly bands in either Red 270gsm or Pink 270gsm (1 colour black offset).

You can use Skin for offset printing, letterpress, digital (the certified sheet only) and some great embellishments (think navy foil on the Dark Blue stock or black foil on the black). FSC certified and exclusively sold in Australia by us, the range is created by Arjowiggins Creative Papers (Europe). It can be used for invitations, presentation folders, luxury packaging, business cards, fashion labels, prestigious brochures and books.

To launch the new range we held six intimate breakfast events in VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD and SA. The invite for the launch inadvertently became a second promo. It was a little beauty. A triplexed number with Skin Curious Indigo 270gsm on either side of some Keaykolour Jet Black 400gsm, one hit of silver on the back, see pictures above. There were lots of croissants and coffee, overseas paper samples to ogle at and general good times. Great to see those that did attend rise and shine so early. We loved hosting you!

Your paper specialist or account manager will be around with your Skin promo and swatch soon.  Call your nearest samples department if you’d like some Skin samples.







Our Digital Deck has arrived!

Title: Our Digital Deck has arrived!
Agency: Seesaw Design (VIC)
Client: K.W.Doggett Fine Paper
Stocks: Barry Bleach Board Digital / Color Copy – Uncoated / Conqueror Laid Digital / Curious Metallics Digital / EnDURO / JAC Digilabel / Knight – Smooth (dry toner) / Knight Digital – Indigo / Maine Recycled Digital – Gloss / Maine Recycled Digital – Silk / PicoFilm / Rives Design Digital / Sovereign A2 Digital – Gloss / Sovereign A2 Digital – Silk / Sovereign Offset (dry toner) / Sovereign Offset Digital – Indigo
Printed by: Bambra Press (VIC). Advance Mailing Solutions (VIC). CMYK Online (VIC). Composite Colour (VIC). Collation: Northern Tag Stringers (VIC).

If you would like to step through this doorway please. Soon, you will enter the world of digital printing and dry toner technologies. There are lasers, line screens and precision crafted instruments galore – they could be dangerous so mind your head and watch your step. Ok, enough indulgence. There actually is a point here! Our brand spanking new Digital Deck has arrived, complete with whacky fluoro string art to make any 80s child brim with pride.

Digital Deck_3

The fluoro string images that make-up the creative for our Digital Deck were created by Seesaw (VIC). The inspiration came from research into the world of digital printing – the lasers, precision tools etc. They created string art as a tactile response and link between the paper and digital worlds (for a behind-the-scenes look at the development of this imagery, check out our YouTube channel).

We’ve sectioned the Digital Deck into two parts – Dry Toner and HP Indigo. The stocks featured have been carefully selected for their performance capabilities. A compatibility chart is featured on the inside cover. The left column is for dry toner products and the right lists the Indigo papers. The table shows each of the featured stocks, their environmental credentials and compatible weight ranges.

As you move through the deck and see the narrative unfold, you’ll notice that each page clearly lists the machine and stock description/info. Samples of both text and cover stocks appear in the deck. The stocks featured include: Barry Bleach Board Digital / Color Copy – Uncoated / Conqueror Laid Digital / Curious Metallics Digital / EnDURO / JAC Digilabel / Knight – Smooth (dry toner) / Knight Digital – Indigo / Maine Recycled Digital – Gloss / Maine Recycled Digital – Silk / PicoFilm / Rives Design Digital / Sovereign A2 Digital – Gloss / Sovereign A2 Digital – Silk / Sovereign Offset (dry toner) / Sovereign Offset Digital – Indigo.

A particular highlight is the new Knight and Sovereign Offset digital papers. Both are high white papers that are well priced for their class and offer exceptional press results, specifically for dry toner and HP digital applications. Also, they are identical to their offset versions in shade and finish which is a bonus for customers that need to match communications across offset and digital technologies.

Our journey in creating this deck was a learning curve, even for us. We soon realised the importance of working closely with the press operators to ensure they had profiled the stock correctly and weren’t just using a generic profile. To get the best result, especially when working with textured papers, is setting up the profile to suit the paper. When a digital machine is set-up properly, excellent print results can be achieved.

Chris Jackson, our Business Development Manager Digital and Synthetics, is available if you have any questions about our digital range. Call him on 03 8470 2244 or email him at

Digital Deck_1

Digital Deck_2

Digital Deck_5