David Lancashire x Doggett

Designer: David Lancashire VIC. 
Wild 450gsm (invite) and Wild 150gsm (envelope).
Printing specs: Blind emboss, foil and letterpress.
Printed by: Watermarx Graphics (blind emboss, foil and letterpress). Envelope printed by Social Printing. Both in NSW.

This story comes in two parts and is really, mainly, about the great man himself David Lancashire. Not only can we thank David for the doggie branding he created in the 90s waaaay back when MC Hammer pants were cool and bum bags were an accessory of choice, he also custom illustrated our Christmas card this year. Being our 40th year in the paper biz, we thought it fitting David designed our Christmas card.

Each pooch represents one of the Doggett’s that work in the business today. Ken (Director), John (Director), Simon (Managing Director), Nathan (National Sales Manager), Heath (Sales Manager, Victoria) and Catherine (National Marketing and Sustainability Manager) holding the star.

We used Wild for the card, a 35% cotton paper combining softness with strength, a luxurious feel and very high bulk. The 450gsm card is printed with a blind emboss and foil on the front, letterpress on the inside. The 150gsm envelope features a blind emboss of ‘poodle and fatty’ (more of our doggie branding). Embellishments and Wild go together like brandy sauce and Christmas pudding (cue tummy grumbling).




A conversation with David:
We wanted to celebrate David’s history and career too, so we sat down and had a bit of a chin wag. Here’s how it all started…

A young David Lancashire came to Australia as an 18 year old 10£ pom in search of sun and adventure. At first he found work on the factory floor and production line of Weyland Motors. Hardly adventurous for him! David soon realised that he was not cut out for such a repetitive job and after two long weeks quit in search of something ‘creative and stimulating’. He found his way to Claret St Studio, in Vogue House in Sydney. He stayed there for a few years before a driving trip back from Adelaide saw him pass through Melbourne. He decided Melbourne was a pretty good place to try. He drove in his Land Rover straight from Sydney to the doors of Art Associates, brushed off his folio and walked in and asked for a job. He started that day.






Flash forward 10 years and David started his own studio and began working for lots of big names including Spicers and Daltons paper. Ken Doggett saw the great work David had been doing and approached him to revamp the Doggett branding. At first David said no due to a conflict of interest! But Ken persisted and David eventually came around to see the potential.

He pitched the idea that our funny name should be highlighted to create a memorable campaign. Ken and now John were NOT keen. Names like dogs body, dogs s**t were commonly thrown around at school and they didn’t plan to bring more attention to it. But David presented the concept of ‘Doggett’s take the lead’ and illustrated our first dog. It was a big hit with the staff and customers and from there the concept took off.


The purple, green and orange corporate colours came next. “The other merchants all had very traditional branding, Doggett’s were the new kid on the block and we needed to stand out. Purple certainly did that!” said David.

“The swatch kit came next, based around the theme of ‘the dog ate my shoe’ with each one representing the different papers. We sourced some great old shoes from the powerhouse museum and included even some of my families old shoe.”

And of course there’s the 266 PMS purple iconic doggie trucks. We thank our lucky stars that David pitched the idea to wrap our trucks and often when we tell people where we work they say: “Oh you work at that place with the purple trucks.” They’re hard to miss!


That’s a wrap. Thanks to everyone for your continued support in 2015 and we wish you a joyful and festive summer.

Ho, ho, ho and woof!
Love us.

Comfort Room Forms, a book by Matlok Griffiths

Artist: Matlok Griffiths
Shane Loorham from Liquorice/Silent Partner (VIC)
Publisher: PubPubLishing
Stocks: Kaskad Oriole Gold 100gsm, Kaskad Leafbird Green 100gsm, Kaskad Bullfinch Pink 100gsm, Knight Smooth 120gsm, Buffalo Board and Knight Digital Indigo 120gsm.
Printing specs: Offset, Digital and Letterpress + Opaque White ink.
Printed by: The Hungry Workshop, On Demand and SS Printing (part of Documents on Call). All in VIC.

We love a good page-turner and Matlok Griffith’s book ‘Comfort Room Forms’ is no exception! Combining an exotic blend of drawings, vibrant papers and print techniques, it is the complete creative package.

Designed in collaboration with Shane Loorham from Liquorice/Silent Partner (VIC), the 80 page book is a mix of full colour and one colour reproductions of Matlok’s drawings, made while he lived in the tropical island city of Dumaguete in the Philippines, surrounded by the smell of fried chicken and gasoline.


We picked Shane’s brain about the creative: “The book was designed in very close collaboration with the artist. We had been collaborating for a few years, designing and in some cases, hand-printing exhibition catalogues for him with a heavy degree of DIY coming through in the production. We were excited when this opportunity to create something a bit larger and more involved came up.”

Matlok’s original drawings were completed on a varied mixture of Filipino commodity papers, many of which were pretty bright and cheerful. In an effort to best reproduce them in printed form, the book was primarily printed offset in one colour on a variety of vibrant coloured stocks including Kaskad Oriole Gold 100gsm, Leafbird Green 100gsm and Bullfinch Pink 100gsm and Knight Smooth 120gsm. The credits and title pages were printed digitally on Knight Digital Indigo 120gsm. But wait, there’s more production goodness…

Shane explains: “We chose Buffalo Board for the front and back covers and had them letter pressed using Opaque white ink by our friends at The Hungry Workshop. Printing the covers this way was a bit of a gamble as no one was quite sure how the white ink would reproduce on the board. We were ready to change the colour at the last minute if need be, but the guys at The Hungry Workshop worked their magic and did a wonderful job for us!”

To see more of Matlok’s beautiful work, you can visit his website here http://matlokgriffiths.com/ or you can ask your friendly paper specialist to show you a printed sample the next time they pop by your studio.






Ladies of Letters letterpress letters

Title: Ladies of Letters
Carla Hackett
Stock: Wild
Printing specs: Letterpress printed
Printed by: Saint Gertrude (VIC)

Ladies of Letters is a wonderful collaboration between super talented typographer Carla Hackett and letterpress extraordinaire Amy Constable aka Saint Gertrude and their latest project is called ‘Alphabet City’. Together they’ve created these beautiful two colour, A5 cards. Carla hand draws them in pencil and ink, then Amy prints them on Wild 450gsm on her letterpress machine called Gordon. Each card is signed, numbered and lovingly packaged in cellophane wrap.

The proceeds from the sale of the cards goes directly to supporting the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation, such a brilliant creative idea for a well-deserving cause. Ladies of Letters share: “Our launch project, Alphabet City, has a small and achievable financial target of $1000, which is enough to set up a community Share-a-Book library. This can make a huge difference to people in a remote area where literacy levels fall below the national average and access to reading material may be limited.” Better still, Amy and Carla have chosen to keep donating to the charity even after the project is finished.

Love it? Buy it. You can pick up all letters of the alphabet here and help support the Australian Literacy Foundation.







Video: Wild promotion from Germany

Check out how this letterpress poster for RÖMERTURM Feinstpapier was made. It took 5 steps to create this piece of art. We love those pop-out coaster bits. Very crafty.

Format: 30 x 40 cm.
Printing specs: offset printing in 4c + 3c letterpress, 1c hot foil, punches and application of 5 paper specimen.
Design: ersteliga büro für gestaltung www.ersteliga.de
Production: Letterjazz Print Sudio www.letterjazz.com


Filter café branding by The Hungry Workshop

Title: Coffee cup paper sleeves from Filter café
Stocks: WildTablex and Kaskad
Printing specs: Letterpress printed
Printed by: The Hungry Workshop

We’re very excited to feature new café ‘Filter’, the latest venture from Andrew Kelly and the team at Auction Rooms and Small Batch Roasting Co in Melbourne. The uber stylish branding was designed by The Hungry Workshop and we’re particularly loving the letterpress coffee cup sleeves. Such a great way to brand the coffee cups and because they’re printed on paper, the café has the option to use different colours and stocks later on.


Filter is all about celebrating the simplest method of preparing coffee, not too fussy and not too niche. A Scandinavian style typeface paired with a fine filtered moiré pattern, forms the core of the graphic for Filter. Jenna from The Hungry Workshop says: “The brand we crafted reflects this directness. A straightforward, clean and simple identity inspired by the effortlessness and layered subtlety of the offering. Simple coffee paired with the smørrebrød.”


The business cards are printed on Wild 450gsm and the coffee cup sleeves on Tablex Grey 200gsm and Kaskad Leafbird Green 160gsm. Both items were letterpress printed on The Hungry Workshop’s antique Heidelberg Windmill. The finished product is definitely a showstopper. Now we can enjoy the delicious coffee from Filter and collect the paper sleeves. We’re just spoilt for choice with two of our biggest loves – coffee and paper. A winning combo.







Take a walk on the Wild side

Title: Take a walk on the Wild side

Stocks: Wild
Printed by: Bambra Press (VIC). Avon Graphics (VIC). Hungry Workshop (VIC)

It’s a little bit naughty and very cheeky. It’s our new paper promotion for Wild, a creamy white paper with 35% cotton content. To launch this uniquely textured product, we asked internationally acclaimed illustrators Craig & Karl from Jacky Winter to create an illustration based on the theme ‘Wild’ and boy, did they have fun.


The promo is made up of four A5 cards with different print techniques applied to each and a custom envelope that features a rather interesting illustration. The theme is: ‘The player gets played’ which captures the idea that anyone can have a wild side. And in some cases even more wild then you would expect. Wait till you see the cards!

Wild has a lovely tactile quality to it and is ideal for letterpress and offset printing, as well as embellishments like embossing/debossing and hot foil stamping.

Stock and print specs
Envelope: Printed 4 colour process 2 sides on Wild 300gsm.
A5 cards: Offset: Printed 4 colour process on Wild 150gsm.
Foil: Printed Silver Shatter on Wild 300gsm.
Letterpress: Printed 2 colour (Warm Red + PMS285) on Wild 450gsm.
Blind emboss: Printed on Wild 850gsm.

Gift cards, invitations, presentation material, swing tags, business cards, cosmetic packaging, luxury packaging and confectionery.

So do you have a wild side?  We’ve shown you ours…

















Skin Curious Collection

Title: Skin Curious Collection
Agency: Three60 (VIC)
Client: K.W.Doggett Fine Paper
Stocks: SKIN Curious Collection / SKIN Curious Collection Digital
Printed by: Bambra Press (VIC)

Did you hear? We recently revealed our Skin. A new unique collection of speciality papers that is. Skin Curious Collection is a smooth yet silky range with a distinct matt finish. To launch this exciting new product, we produced a small promo of four A5 cards to show the print quality of the stock as well as a brand spanking new swatch. Three60 created the promo, using the idea of a ‘second skin’ to develop the creative. Three60 often collaborate with some pretty cool cats. Enter photographer Pierre Toussaint and make-up artist Rae Morris. Next, organise a photo shoot of a striking male model with a set of lips most women would die for, add some glycerine and a mesmerising display of paint and you have some seriously stunning visuals that make up the mini promo.


Three60 wanted to create energy and tension with the paint, with the ‘second skin’ made-up of texture and rich colour. They did this by covering the subject in paint so that he was almost non-existent. Hours of experimentation with the glycerine added thickness and body to the paint which was then applied with consideration and yet elements of randomness. We can honestly say when the first round of images came through, there was a touch of shock and yet a massive amount of intrigue. We were like ‘What is this?!’ and yet we absolutely loved it!

The postcards are printed on Skin Curious Collection Extra White 380gsm (offset printed), Extra White 380gsm (1 colour black offset) this is the spec card, Digital Extra White 270gsm (HP Indigo CMYK) and Black 270gsm (1 colour screen print – silver metallic ink). The range comes in a palette of contemporary colours, includes a digital sheet and is resistant to scuff and finger marks. The three pastel shades (Extra White, Ivory and Stone) handle 4 colour printing brilliantly. Alternating belly bands in either Red 270gsm or Pink 270gsm (1 colour black offset).

You can use Skin for offset printing, letterpress, digital (the certified sheet only) and some great embellishments (think navy foil on the Dark Blue stock or black foil on the black). FSC certified and exclusively sold in Australia by us, the range is created by Arjowiggins Creative Papers (Europe). It can be used for invitations, presentation folders, luxury packaging, business cards, fashion labels, prestigious brochures and books.

To launch the new range we held six intimate breakfast events in VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD and SA. The invite for the launch inadvertently became a second promo. It was a little beauty. A triplexed number with Skin Curious Indigo 270gsm on either side of some Keaykolour Jet Black 400gsm, one hit of silver on the back, see pictures above. There were lots of croissants and coffee, overseas paper samples to ogle at and general good times. Great to see those that did attend rise and shine so early. We loved hosting you!

Your paper specialist or account manager will be around with your Skin promo and swatch soon.  Call your nearest samples department if you’d like some Skin samples.







A colourful Christmas at Doggett’s

Our 2012 Christmas cards are printed on our new WILD and Strathmore Enhance papers. Why two papers? Well, we couldn’t choose between the soft cotton finish of WILD and the geometric fine texture of Enhance. So why choose when you can have both. There have to be some perks to having warehouses full of paper! We threw in some seriously bright fluoro to bring our ‘colourful Christmas’ message to life. Here’s the specification low down:

Card 1:
WILD cotton paper 300gsm. Arriving mid January (weights 150, 300, 450, 850gsm)
Designed and letterpress printed by The Hungry Workshop.

Card 2:
Strathmore Premium Enhance 271gsm. Sound familiar? This is not a new paper but a new name. Previously know as Beckett Enhance. This Mohawk made paper is now branded as Strathmore. In fact, all our Mohawk grades: Expression, Concept, Cambric and Enhance are all now branded as part of the Strathmore family. Swatch out in early 2013. Card designed by The Hungry Workshop. Printed offset on a Heidelberg Speedmaster press.





Famous Visual Services business cards

Title: Famous Visual Services business cards
Agency: Self-promotion
Stocks: Concept Vellum
Printed by: Taylor’d Press (VIC)

We love a bit of colour around here. We have even been known to say certain colourful designs remind us of 80s icy poles. These business cards are definitely a reminder of 80s Summer time goodness. These knockout cards were produced by Dom Forde from Famous Visual Services. For Dom, new business cards present the opportunity to experiment with ideas and materials. And experiment he did!


Concept Vellum Radiance was chosen for its ability to handle fluoro ink well. Dom wanted to enhance the vibrancy of the colours and he also knew, on advice from James Taylor at Taylor’d Press, that the stock handles letter press well. Especially the heavy grammage – 352gsm, which can take a robust indentation from the machine. The outcome is a vibrant set of cards with luxurious tactile qualities.

The patience of James Taylor was really important in the process. As Dom explains: “Our idea was to print a slightly different colour shade across the back of each card in the print run. First we printed a solid fluoro yellow on all 250 cards, then we then ran the cards back through the press adding dollops of fluoro red to the press as the cards were running.” The result is a 250 step gradation from yellow to red across the print run. The name details were letterpress printed in black. Now that’s a nifty business card print job if ever we saw one. And yes, he did say 250 step gradation. Amazing!