A colourful Christmas at Doggett’s

Our 2012 Christmas cards are printed on our new WILD and Strathmore Enhance papers. Why two papers? Well, we couldn’t choose between the soft cotton finish of WILD and the geometric fine texture of Enhance. So why choose when you can have both. There have to be some perks to having warehouses full of paper! We threw in some seriously bright fluoro to bring our ‘colourful Christmas’ message to life. Here’s the specification low down:

Card 1:
WILD cotton paper 300gsm. Arriving mid January (weights 150, 300, 450, 850gsm)
Designed and letterpress printed by The Hungry Workshop.

Card 2:
Strathmore Premium Enhance 271gsm. Sound familiar? This is not a new paper but a new name. Previously know as Beckett Enhance. This Mohawk made paper is now branded as Strathmore. In fact, all our Mohawk grades: Expression, Concept, Cambric and Enhance are all now branded as part of the Strathmore family. Swatch out in early 2013. Card designed by The Hungry Workshop. Printed offset on a Heidelberg Speedmaster press.