Delightful orange business cards by Poco People

Title: Tangerine business cards
Agency: Poco People
Stocks: Keaykolour Original
Printed by: Avon Graphics

Poco People is made-up of Kelly Eijdenberg and Travis Tiddy – two passionate, creative designers from Tasmania. We love to be inspired by design and it’s a pleasant surprise to find out a customer has been inspired by us! A recent visit from Peter Hansen, our Corporate Business Development Manager with our new Keaykolour ‘colourful life’ promo in hand, sparked their excitement and sent their love of orange into overdrive.

Kelly recalls Peter walking into their studio and saying: ‘I’ve got something you’re really going to love’ and boy, was he right. The duplex cover with our new, toothy, Tangerine (a delicious shade of orange) and old favourite Guardsman Red, combined with silver foil had the pair mesmerised. By the way, their love of orange extends to high vis work wear (we’re not kidding) and also to a one metre square tangerine coloured vinyl sticker on their office window.


Initially, they grappled with whether they should print on one side and foil on the other. They were rapt with the result and how Keaykolour held the foil on both sides as well as the thin type. The business cards are a miniature 55 x 70mm size but they sure do pack a punch. Avon Graphics in Victoria seriously impressed Kelly and Travis with their support and fast turnaround time (the cards arrived just in time for their office launch). Don’t you just love it when everything falls into place like that?

We asked Kelly what she loves most about the new Keaykolour shade: “This particular Tangerine is so strong and rich – a touch deeper and darker than your typical bright orange. We think it’s really a special colour that and we knew it would help our business cards stand out. They certainly can’t get lost on a client’s desk!” The Poco People also plan to produce letterheads and already have a paper stock in mind, Kaskad Fantail Orange, which would complement the Tangerine cards perfectly. You can find Poco People on FB, Twitter or Linked In.