Mabe Hair collateral

Title: Mabe Hair collateral
Agency: Band (SA)
Client: Mabe Hair (SA)
Stocks: Rives Design
Printed by: Terry Howe Printing (SA) and finishing by Hunter Brothers (SA)

Mabe Hair is not just any hairdresser in Adelaide. With a collective 20+ years of experience, safe to say this is a very special salon. Rightly so, they deserved an identity that reflects this. Introducing Band – a brand, communication and digital agency led by George Randle and Chris Cooper. It was those gold foiled scissors that first caught our attention. Nothing like a bit of foil to make us swoon!  Combined with uncoated stock Rives Design Pale Cream, it makes for very swish collateral.

Band created an identity that reflects the unique service Mabe provide as well as the history behind their craft. Hand illustrated scissors combined with bespoke typography has resulted in a clean and elegant identity. Rives Design Pale Cream 250gsm was chosen for the business cards and 120gsm for the stationery, providing an elevated feel. Printed 1 colour, the foil delivers the premium look and is a perfect balance to the creaminess of the stock.

‘No agenda, no pomp and ceremony, no clones’ states the Mabe website. Elements we think are perfectly reflected in the collateral Band has created.