Project 21 – a unique project by Lighthouse Foundation

Title: Project 21 greeting cards
Agency: 3 Deep, Tin & Ed, Paper Stone Scissors, Ortolan
Client: Lighthouse Foundation
Stocks: Barry Bleach Board / Conqueror Laid 100% Recycled / Impact
Printed by: Finsbury Green (VIC)

We’re proud to be a major sponsor of Project 21. A design collaboration between the Lighthouse Foundation and four generous Melbourne studios: Ortolan, Tin & Ed, 3 Deep and Paper Stone Scissors.

The project consists of 21 images all created around 21 positive messages such as ‘Laugh often, long and loud’ and ‘The secret to living is loving’. The images celebrate 21 years of operation for the Lighthouse Foundation, a not for profit organisation that seeks to eradicate youth homelessness. One Lighthouse statement that really resonated with us is ‘protecting young people is everyone’s business’. We like that. We’re pretty passionate about business giving back to the community. The Lighthouse Foundation says homelessness is not about a lack of a house, but rather the absence of a home. Buying one of these card packs means all of the money will go into funding one of their homes. Places where young people can develop a sense of belonging, feel connected to people and their environment. A base to start again.


But it would be remiss of us not to mention that these cards aren’t just about doing good. They look pretty awesome too. Who wouldn’t love a limited edition print of a pineapple with googly eyes? Or a beautiful water coloured sun? Plus the 21st card is a donated image from the estate of the late David Band. The cards are printed on a mix of coated and uncoated paper and feature the super duper print from the guys at Finsbury Green.

Our reps will be out showcasing the work in the new year but in the meantime, if you’d like to see a pack for yourself then jump on to the Lighthouse Foundation’s site and lock a set down. For $35 you’ll receive 21 cards (the calculator says that’s a bargain). We hope they sell the lot! Thanks in advance for your support.