A range of digital papers that are best in show

Roll out the toner splattered carpet, Doggett Digital has arrived! Thanks to the wonderful Seesaw in Victoria and their delightful dogs Klaus and Louie, we have this unique visual (that’s the pooches paw prints you can see) for our new sub-brand, Doggett Digital. It was about time we unified our digital product offering under one recognisable banner. We have a steadily growing range of products we stock suitable for the HP Indigo and Dry Toner machines including paper, boards, labels, vinyls and synthetics.


Here’s what we’ve rolled out with the new branding:

  • Swatch kit (for digital printers).
  • Price book (for digital printers).
  • Printing guides ie one for our Dry Toner products and one for our HP Indigo certified ones.
  • Wrapping paper
  • Eye candy samples (a range of colours and awesome print techniques

We have some exciting new colours and ranges like the Pop’Set from Arjowiggins Creative Papers (UK) in Lime Tonic, Black and Cosmo Pink in 320gsm and the new Mohawk Loop Digital i-Tone Antique Vellum in Straw and Urban Gray. These new products add colour to what is normally a predominantly white range of papers. Coming soon is Tacky for Dry Toner, following on from the Tacky for Indigo range released at the beginning of the year. And look out for our Doggett Digital branded trucks, on a street near you soon.

The pattern Seesaw created is meant to replicate a toner splatter on paper and the footprints of a dog (two in this case) that have walked right through the centre of the mess. We love it.

Need a digital expert?  Call or email Jon Roberts, Business Development Manager – Digital and he’d be happy to assist. Phone: 0409 411 546 or jroberts@kwdoggett.com.au