Tacky is now ready for Dry Toner printing

Title: Tacky Dry A5 promotion
Agency: Andy Ashton, Work Art Life (VIC).
Stocks: Crystal Cling, White Repositionable, White Super Permanent, Super Tuff Poly (double sided, non adhesive product). Envelope printed on Sovereign A2 Digital – Gloss.
Printing specs: Digitally printed on a Kodak NexPress.
Printed by: The Tennyson Group (QLD).

The newest addition to our Doggett Digital range is Tacky Dry, a range of unique polyester products certified for use on all popular dry toner machines (only). Durable, tear, resistant and waterproof, the products run great, print great and have excellent toner adhesion. We don’t need to say too much more really.

Andy Ashton has produced another set of winning tacky images to continue the Tacky (for Indigo machines) story. The porcelain flamingo with the doilies is almost tacky chic. Did we just say that?


White super permanent: A high quality decal solution for projects requiring a permanent fix. Available in white only.

Applications: appliance labels, warehouse external signage, construction dumpsters, freezer labels, water heater labels etc.


Crystal Cling: Non adhesive cling used for interior and exterior applications. No solvents are needed for fixing or removal. It’s a true clear cling making it great for window applications.

Applications: shop specials, car window stickers, in store advertising, changeable window graphics eg stained glass look, fire safety signs, operating hours signs etc.


White Repositionable: A great alternative to vinyl because it won’t stretch when removed from the surface and will keep its shape even when reapplied. The face stock is a woven polyester fabric material, which is water, tear and UV resistant. The removable adhesive will not only stick to virtually any surface, it’s also repositionable, so it can easily be moved again and again. It’s like a magnet, but better, because you’re not limited to just metal surfaces. Painted walls, wood cabinets, glass and metal are all approved surfaces.

Applications: counter mats, custom educational products, employee of the month wall posters, event door and wall signs, interior car labels, laptop skins, magnets, hallway decorations etc.


Super Tuff Poly: This is a unique product because it’s tough but soft and is double sided. It has the positive characteristics of both polyester and paper. It is water and tear resistant and has the excellent durability plus its feeds, prints and handles print finishing processes like paper does. It even folds cleanly, which is really unique compared to other digital synthetic sheets.

Applications: Airline and hospital tray liners, boat manuals, book covers, bookmarks, maps, children books, coasters, construction plans, golf scorecards, heating and cooling tags, hiking luggage tags, maps, menus, place mats, racing bibs, tab dividers, tags, tape measures, tree tags, wristbands.