A unique scented product range by Grosz Co.Lab

We are suckers for scented products, especially ones that are beautiful and best of all for a good cause!

The makers are Grosz Co.Lab, an inter-disciplinary creative studio in Melbourne run by Ben and Laura. Working closely with long-time client Red Cross, they have developed a bespoke range of packaging for diffusers, candles, soaps and creams. The first project of this kind that Red Cross have embarked upon.

Printed on Buffalo Board 332gsm and 225gsm, each product is inspired by the Australian Landscape. “It was actually established very early on from the Red Cross team that they’d like to explore the use of a natural brown stock for the range as a reference to their heritage,” says Ben. And who can resist delish scents like Bush Rose, Native Garden and Desert Fig?

The super cool print effect (designed to mimic the scent materialising and dissipating) is a bitmap gradient allowing the colour of the stock to come through each of the three PMS colours. Working with Scott Henry at Colna Print & Pak, white ink was then mixed in with each colour and the level of opacity was adjusted on press to get just the right effect. Nice!

Available at Red Cross shops (they just sold out online but will be back soon), the funds raised helps to support the vital work of the organisation locally and abroad. “We feel fortunate they entrusted it to us – especially as it was not only the packaging design that we created, but also establishing the vision for the product range, naming and also consulting on the curation of the scents. We’re thrilled it’s been a success for them,” says Ben. See more of the project on www.groszcolab.com.au.

When asked what they’re dreams were for the future, Ben shares “…something that combines design across a range of disciplines, along with music, dance, fashion and/or scent would be a dream. Or perhaps a design museum! We have many ideas – we just need the funds.”  No doubt we’ll be seeing more from Grosz Co.Lab very soon.