A label fit for an ice bucket

Did you know we sell all sorts of sticky labels? Address, beer, wine, invite, closure and loads more. We’ve pretty much got labels for all types. One of our self adhesive ranges that’s exclusive to us is Wausau. It has loads of colours and finishes. Everything from metalised silver, gloss or matt, natural kraft, black vellum, eggshell, white or even fine mesh like texture finishes.

Wausau Estate #8 Vellum – Ever Opaque is our latest fave. An elegant, white face stock with a toothy, vellum finish used for prestigious wine, beer and spirits labelling. It’s a strong, durable, ‘wet strength’ label that maintains its opacity and adhesion (the fibres are less likely to separate so the integrity of the label is not compromised), even hours after immersion in an ice bucket. Say whaaaat?! The under laminate film stops the general creasing and bubbling you get with other uncoated labels. It also reduces the wet-out (transparent) look you can sometimes get. Winning!

If you find yourself working on a brief to create a boutique brew, wine or spirit label, Wausau Estate #8 Vellum – Ever Opaque now comes in SRA3 sheets for use on HP Indigo and Dry Toner presses (traditionally it’s a roll label product). Some pros of now being able to digitally print this label on a HP Indigo or Dry Toner press are:

– No minimum orders required so now you can do short runs.
– Cheaper in sheets than buying it as a roll.
– Come in both solid and split backs (if you need a special die cut, call us and we can sort out a manufacturing order).

If you’re one of our customers and have an ‘Adhesive Rolls’ swatch, check it out for some samples of the Wausau range. Or call you trusty rep for more information.