Five ways to achieve bling on a tight budget

Not that long ago, adding bling like foil or opaque white ink to a print job was either too expensive or only available if you went to a particular printer. BUT! Now we’re going to give you the very good news. Adding embellishments on a minimal budget is more accessible. Embellishments may seem out of reach when you’re on a small budget, but we’re here to tell you the TOTAL opposite. Shock, horror, gasp. Here are five digital printing machines that can give you bling for minimal cost.

1. Opaque white ink is now available on HP Indigo presses 5500 and above ie the 5500/5600, 7600/7800. Please note that the B2 Indigo ie the HP Indigo 10000 press, doesn’t offer a white ink station. So you can do white ink on its own (see first and second pics below) or add CMYK over the top (refer to the Pop’Set Pink card below).

2. The OKI C711WT does white ink and can handle a large range of printing papers. We’ve seen it used on everything from Buffalo Board to Skin Curious Collection and even Tacky Dry Crystal Cling Clear Gloss (an electrostatic product you can use for window applications among other things). See pics in post.

3. Ricoh C7100X does white or clear ink and you can do multiple hits of the white in one pass without any concern for mis-registration.

4. Kodak NexPress does Gold Dry Ink or Clear. The NexPress colour charts have hundreds of shades of gold through to copper and many other colours too (see images at the end of this post).

5. Fuji Xerox Colour 1000i does Clear Dry Ink, Metallic Gold or Metallic Silver. Use this machine to replicate foil stamp, metallic, spot or flood effects.

Remember to contact your paper specialist for a heads up on printer(s) in your area. They may also have a print sample of the techniques mentioned above which they can show you.


Ricoh Curious Skin Black