Filter business card

Title: Filter business card
Agency: Filter (QLD)
Client: Self-promotion
Stocks: Keaykolour Original
Printed by: Potato Press (QLD)

Today, first impressions count more than ever and these striking cards from Filter were designed not to be forgotten. Filter, a recently reinvented communication design studio that replaces Hamilton Creative, went through a relaunch which meant that Filter needed their business cards to tell a story. By showcasing a specific idea with an interesting print technique, it allowed the opportunity to open conversations about Filter’s values and creative experience.


Claire Hamilton, Director and Communication Designer from Filter ultimately wanted the recipient of the card to become part of the design outcome. Claire explains: “The client can interpret and choose how the card will look. Some tear the perforated logotype completely off and create a stencil, some make the prop stand and others allow the logotype to sit alone standing upwards.” Claire continues: “This is also true for the client/designer relationship – it’s a collaborative process and to make it work involves interpretation and creativity.”

Paper is a key part of Filter’s offering, so this love of paper needed to be obvious on the initial touch point. Keaykolour Original Jet Black 450gsm was chosen for its bulky properties and ability to hold the bended logotype. Claire says: “The texture of Keaykolour Original is extremely even without being too smooth. When cut, it is sharp and precise. Plus, Jet Black is just plain sexy.” We agree 100%! The cards are white foil stamped with the logotype laser cut and laser perforated at the base of each letter. Through testing, Claire found that laser perforation was far more successful on the heavier weights.

For Claire, an integral part of achieving the best result was taking advice and collaborating with our very own paper specialist, Corinne Lloyd from the QLD team, as well as Potato Press and Michael McAteer from Printcraft (QLD) as well as Mike Fritz, Art Director/boyfriend. Claire adds: “I wish more designers would use the expertise available, because it makes great jobs even better with that kind of support. Absolutely appreciate the effort made by all for such a pedantic project. Thank you.”

This project has been entered into BADC Awards and was listed as a finalist (which is the highest level of achievement for the Branding/Stationery Range category), additionally the project will be printed in the Design and Design International Book of the Year Vol 5, to be released in December 2012.