Gecko & Macoote children’s book

Title: Gecko & Macoote
Agency: Story by David Cooley and illustrations by Paul Smith
Stocks: Sovereign Offset / Sovereign Offset Digital – Indigo
Printed by: Ellikon HP Indigo 5000 (VIC)

Gecko is a gecko. Macoote is a big, furry monster. Together, they’re best buddies! Join them on their picnic adventure, and don’t forget to bring your imagination…’ This beautifully illustrated book aims to teach children how to understand the concept of compromise and the power of the imagination. You’re never too old to read children’s books really. How we’d love to spend our days reading books to each other and still manage our busy schedules. Add some bean bags and maybe some hot chocolates and we’re good to go!


The story of Gecko & Macoote is brought to life by the clever writing style and distinctive illustrations of the Melbourne author and illustrator team David Cooley and Paul Smith. Digitally printed by Ellikon HP Indigo 5000, on Sovereign Offset 135gsm (text) and 300gsm (cover) with a special matt cellosheen, the result is bright and engaging and the colours are so vibrant they are practically popping off the page right into our laps. The book was printed in Melbourne so the pair could control the printing process, making sure the colours reproduced well on the uncoated stock. “And we kept the cost down by doing a small run on the digital press,” says David.

This beautifully illustrated book is sure to capture the hearts of every child, not to mention us big kids!  With Christmas just around the corner, it would make great gift. Visit their site if you want to add the book to your Santa bag