Movember is almo-st over, donate now!

Title: Made in Movember 2014 campaign collateral
Agency: Urchin (VIC)
Stocks: Impact 135gsm, 190gsm, 300gsm,
Printing specs: Offset printed (mainly), gig poster printed digitally on a HP Indigo
Printed by: Madman Printing (VIC)

Ah Movember, the month where men start to morph into Boonie look-a-likes, creepy looking pool cleaners or in very unique cases, suave gentleman reminiscent of a 50s movie star (but it’s mainly the: ‘If I saw you in an alleyway I would scream’ kind of mo’s!). Our in-house team Hair of the Dog are growing facial patches like real troopers. We have the barely see them mo’s, the handle bars, the French chic versions and everything in between. Donate here if you wish.


Urchin, the studio behind the ‘Made in Movember’ design actually create a new campaign each year. As Tim Meyer from Urchin explains: “Re-designing the campaign direction each year is a core component of what makes Movember tick. We are raising very serious men’s health issues, so a new campaign each year also allows us to have fun and approach these causes in different ways without focusing on the negatives.”

We think it must be challenging but a whole lotta fun re-freshing the campaign year-to-year. Challenging because the team have to find a balance between theme, fun, message and health and this has to be done across 21 countries via print, web, video, advertising and products. Fun because it just is!

Collateral breakdown:

  • Postcards: Impact 300gsm
  • Campaign posters: Impact 135gsm
  • A2 health posters: Impact 135gsm
  • Party gig poster: Impact 135gsm
  • Health pocket guide: Impact 190gsm

(The campaign also included stubby holders, stickers, arm bands and a cloth bag to house everything).