Pop’Set bubble gum scented postcard

Design: In-house.
Pop’Set Cosmo Pink 320gsm.
Printed by: Intelligent Media, (VIC) on a HP Indigo 7800
tlc digital+ (VIC).
Printing specs: Six hits of white ink + CMYK + screen printed bubble gum scent.

You lay six hits of white ink plus CMYK down on a paper like Pop’Set and you’ve got yourself a postcard that…well…pops! The colour is super vibrant and the best bit is that bubble area is a bubble gum good time waiting to happen. We screen printed a bubble gum scent over the image and ever since we’ve been reminiscing about primary school and those amazing scratch ‘n’ sniff stickers we all loved so much.

It’s an interesting process adding scents to paper. It’s done via micro-encapsulated scented capsules that are mixed into UV curable carrier varnish. The UV-curable slurry is then applied to the printed sheet (or substrate) using a screen printing application. As the capsules are broken (like an egg shell) the scent is then released. Flick over to Instagram to see some pics showing the process.

Key selling points:

  • Highly pigmented colours in the range: Cosmo Pink, Lime Tonic, Black.
  • 30% recycled, ultra smooth board.
  • HP Indigo certified and suitable for dry toner printing too.
  • Available in SRA3 sheet size in 320gsm.

We have a list of scents available if you need. We’ve done banana in the past and know there is everything from fruity scents like grapefruit and pear all the way through to flowers like Yellow Rose and then Green Lawn, Horse Stable and Camp Fire. Sunscreen smell would have to be the most random though. Ha!

In all seriousness, this kind of thing is sensory branding at its best. Smells can trigger emotions so this is not only an easy but a fun and valuable way to make a marketing promotion stand out and increase brand recall.

And even more seriously, stay away from the horse stable scent.