Our 2017 Calendar ‘A Cut Above’

Our 2017 calendar ‘A Cut Above’ is a shout-out to Henry Matisse who, in his later years, created amazing artworks in his ‘cut-outs’ series using just scissors and paper. A collaboration with Spencer Harrison (who project managed and designed the calendar) and two workshops later and we have the super colourful 2017 K.W.Doggett Fine Paper calendar!

This is traditionally a student only project but this time, we opened it up to industry folk too. We put it out to ballot and chose the participants from there. Equipped with paper (including some awesome custom designed sheets by Spencer), heaps of glue and scissors, pizza and tunes, we ran two workshops in SA and VIC with Spencer at the helm sharing his expertise and guiding the participants through the creative process. Choosing the final 12 pieces was tough (so many fabulous pooches!) and the wonderful Mark Lobo shot the masterpieces.

Thanks to everyone that entered, those that attended the workshops, the artists who made it to the final 12 and the pizza guy. A big shout-out to UniSA and CATC/Billy Blue College of Design for giving us their digs to use. And of course the one and only Spencer Harrison. Wooooo hoo!

Check out our YouTube channel soon for behind the scenes videos!  bit.ly/2017calendarvideo

Printing specs:

The calendar was printed offset by Adams Print in VIC. Clear gloss foil on cover over the title by Avon Graphics in VIC.

  • Cover: CMYK plus PMS orange* and clear gloss over the title on Strathmore Super Smooth Ultimate white 176gsm. Artist: Spencer Harrison.
  • Credits: CMYK plus PMS orange* on Sovereign Offset 160gsm.
  • January ‘Grandpa soda pop’: CMYK plus PMS orange* on Maine Recycled – Silk 200gsm. Artist: Beth MacDonald.
  • February ‘Sausage roll’: White ink (2 hits wet on 2 hits dry) plus CMYK on Kaskad – Bullfinch Pink 160gsm. Artist: Jack Stobart, UniSA.
  • March ‘Jeff Sniffs’: CMYK plus PMS orange* on Rives Design Bright White 250gsm. Artist: Yan Yan Candy Ng from Thoughts Come True.
  • April ‘Space dog’: CMYK on Sovereign Offset 160gsm. Artist: Panhavuth Kret, Holmesglen Institute.
  • May ‘Get ’em’: CMYK on Knight Vellum 140gsm. Artist: Nana Utsugi, RMIT University.
  • June ‘Field day’: CMYK plus PMS orange* on Sovereign Offset 160gsm. Artist: Lauren Conti, Monash University.
  • July ‘That happy dog’: CMYK plus PMS orange* on Maine Recycled – Silk 200gsm. Artist: Duncan Crawford, UniSA.
  • August ‘Dog & bone’: CMYK plus PMS orange* on Sovereign Offset 160gsm. Artist: Liam Kenny, Torrens University Australia.
  • September ‘It’s a dog’s life’: CMYK plus PMS orange* on Knight Vellum 140gsm. Artist: Spencer Harrison.
  • October ‘Walkies’: CMYK plus PMS orange* on Maine Recycled – Silk 200gsm. Artist: Alex Seret from Alex Seret Design and Illustration.
  • November ‘Sleeping dog’s lie’: CMYK on Rives Design Bright White 250gsm. Artist: Phil Koo, Torrens University Australia.
  • December ‘Shut up!’: CMYK plus PMS orange* on Knight Vellum 140gsm. Artist: Tanya Bickers, graphic designer and illustrator.
  • Backing: Doggett Boxboard 310gsm/520ums.

*Orange is PMS 1505 U. We altered the colour slightly to be 65% Orange 021 and 35% transluscent white (traditionally it would be 50/50). Adams have a special recipe for their CMYK and we boosted the Rhodamine and Yellow 012 too. Looks so good it could be UV.

1 - January

2 - february - 2

3 - march - 1

3 - march - closeup

0 - cover-orange

4 - april

5 - may

6 - june

0 - cover - yellow

7 - july-2

8 - august

0 - cover-red

9 - september - 2

10 - october - 2

0 - cover-pink-2

11 - november

12 - december