SPEC22 – Sustainability in Action

The Conversation: Sustainability in Action   Ball & Doggett proudly produced our first sustainability event at PACPRINT 2022. SPEC22 – Sustainable Print Education Conversation – ‘Sustainability in Action’ Collectively as society moves towards committing to being change makers a central question is addressed:   How can we reduce our impact on the environment, increase social stewardship and economically thrive, through our daily practices?   Ball & Doggett’s focus for this event was to provide practical steps for print service providers to gain knowledge on where they could start within their own businesses. Creating action steps to introduce sustainable practices within businesses.   Many print service providers are facing new market challenges around shifts in buyer behaviour and expectations and how we as an industry in turn defines sustainability. The age of the conscious consumer is upon us and as businesses our response to the sustainable pathway or transition plans is an everyday conversation.   As corporate Australia continues to pursue sustainable policies within their organisations, print service providers will need to adapt, be more transparent and authentic in order to remain relevant to their customers. I was thrilled to facilitate our specialist panel:  
  • Mardi Brown, Co-Founder, PonyUp for Good
  • Charlton Hemingway, Managing Director, Work Works
  • Phillip Mariette, The Real Media Collective, Operations Manager
  • Joe Foster, O F Packaging & Close the Loop Group, CEO
  Spec22-Panel   Our panelists delivered key insights on where to start, what are the considerations in business and how to be that supply partner for customers providing the solutions that in the past has been perceived to cost you more. Snap shot of discussion: Mardi Brown:
  • Brand – Define who you want to be.
  • Culture – Set goals and encourage team involvement
  • Commercial – Winning new work as a result of sustainable practices along with recalibrating supply chains.
Charlton Hemingway:
  • Sustainability is about value.
  • It tells the brands/business story authentically.
  • Tailor briefs to articulates a solution that suits the client outcome.
Phillip Mariette:
  • It’s about the holistic conversation and how it can impact your business.
  • Identify pain points and create through the lens of sustainability new ideas, new rules.
Spec22-Panel-3   Joe Foster:
  • Be active in your industry
  • Key focus – How to get the best performance, efficiency and low cost.
  • How to drive sustainability and reduce waste.
  • Conscious consumers are demanding sustainable options and practices
  • There is a trade-off and balancing act to achieve sustainability and outcomes.
  Spec22-Panel-2   Ball & Doggett is Australia's leading distributor of printable materials and consumables. We are committed to a more sustainable future. Our products and services are evolving and a key consideration is ensuring we meet our own sustainability criteria and educate our customers on how they too can prosper in this new world. Businesses of all sizes in our industry are on their transition pathway making commitments to reducing environmental impact. Some do not know where to start. It’s about educating internal and external stakeholders on why sustainable practices is simply good business.   What is echoed throughout industries is the need for a collective approach. Sustainability can no longer be just a fad word that is thrown around without truly understanding how businesses define it for themselves.   Once defined, taking action is a responsible business decision to explore how to be the change steward and innovator. Ball & Doggett extends our thanks and appreciation for our guests that attended our inaugural sustainability event. A huge thank-you to our panellists, exploring the ‘Sustainability in Action’ and how print service providers consider how you look at your businesses tomorrow. The video for the event is available via our Youtube channel. Click here to view the event. If you would like to discuss your sustainable pathways, please connect with; zaidee.jackson@ballanddoggett.com.au Article by Zaidee Jackson, National BDM – Sustainable Packaging To get a pdf version of this article click here SPEC22 Sustainability in Action Specc22-Logo 001