ecoChici wraps

Title: ecoChici wraps
Agency: Amy Lewis Design (VIC)
Stocks: Buffalo Board
Printed by: Madman Printing (VIC)

Recently launched label ecoChici is inspired by Furoshiki, the Japanese art of cloth wrapping. It’s gorgeous, easy-to-use and versatile. Amy Lewis Design is behind the packaging and product design. The team have created a suite of purposefully timeless designs that reflect a design aesthetic which influences everything from the textiles through to the branding and packaging. Check out those super cute ribbon clips in picture no.3, wrapped around our trusty Buffalo Board.


Even better, ecoChici, founded this year by Phil and Amy Lewis, is designed and made in Australia. Most of the production is carried out by a not-for-profit organisation, Radius, whose vision is to provide work opportunities for people with disabilities. Maintaining their ‘use less’ principles, Buffalo Board 280gsm was chosen to package the re-usable wraps. Printed offset with 1 spot colour, we think the contrast of the stock against the beautiful designs is right on the money. On that note, the wrap is good enough to be a gift so that’s a double bonus in our books!

Amy Lewis spoke to us about using Buffalo Board: “Taking a minimalist approach to packaging means the stock needed to have maximum visual impact. Buffalo Board looks and feels great to hold.  It’s an unbleached stock which perfectly complements our unbleached cotton products. It contains recycled content and we were also impressed with the environmental innovations implemented by the paper mill.” Buffalo Board was also used for the gift tags included in the pack and company business cards.

You can visit the official ecoChici website if you’d like one (or many) of these gorgeous wraps for yourself. We like gifts (hint hint), in case you’re wondering who you can buy an ecoChici wrap for!