ABC Television press kits

Title: ABC Television press kits
Agency: ABC TV graphic design department (NSW)
Stocks: Buffalo Board / Keaykolour Original / Maine Recycled – Silk / Newsprint / Sovereign Offset
Printed by: Advanced Press (NSW) and foiling

Media releases and press kits are mostly standard issue – words plus supporting imagery tends to be the status quo. Not the case for ABC Television’s graphic design department! We have to say, when we first saw these tasty morsels of paper goodness, ‘press kit’ did not cross our minds. Some hot new shows deserved kits that made the journalists sit upright in their uncomfortable office chairs. Clare Goodall, Print Designer from ABC Television, shared some insights into each of these offset printed pieces:

Redfern Now: The inspiration came from the keyart which saw the mustard yellow carried throught out the campaign including online, print and outdoor. Cover: 6pp wrap around on Sovereign Offset 300gsm with die cut text. Text: Sovereign Offset 170gsm.

Jack Irish: The key message of this campaign was ‘Guy Pearce is back on Australian television’. This was boldly stated using a gloss white foil on a contrasting Buffalo Board. Cover: Buffalo Board 332gsm. Text: Maine Recycled Silk 170gsm with spot fluoro orange 804c.

Devil’s Dust: The conflicting nature of this story was represented with the stock. The use of Newsprint 45gsm represented the story which unfolded in newspapers nationally. Maine Recycled Silk 170gsm illustrated the cinematic elements of the production. Cover: Keaykolour Jet Black 300gsm. Text: Newsprint 45gsm (printed black only) and Maine Recycled Silk 170gsm.

We rate the use of print to make an impact and a point of difference. We love the colours and carefully chosen stock selection which tells a unique story for each of these quality shows. ABC has definitely set a standard here!




Redfern_2 Redfern_3