McClelland Sculpture Gallery exhibition books

Title: McClelland Sculpture Gallery exhibition books Agency: David Lancashire Design Stocks: Barry Bleach Board / Grange Offset / HannoArt – Satin Printed by: Mercedes Waratah (VIC) Renowned for its outstanding collection of outdoor sculptures and innovative exhibition programs, McClleland Gallery and Sculpture Park is located within 16 hectares of bush and landscaped gardens on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. David Lancashire Design (DLD) in Melbourne have worked with the gallery since 2006 and more recently, they’ve been busy designing and art directing the exhibition catalogues and print collateral using HannoArt – Satin and Grange Offset as their chosen stocks. Sculpture_2 DLD work closely with both curators and artists when producing a full colour catalogue for each new exhibition. McClelland like to push the boundaries which allows DLD more creative freedom. They recently re-freshed the brand, creating a more dynamic, modern look across all print collateral, including brochures, event calendars and exhibition invitations. The suite of catalogues designed differ greatly, along with the subjects and styles within, but maintain an overall identity for the gallery. David Lancashire mentions: “Art direction and using a great photographer like John Gollings, as well as a good printer and choosing the right paper, all contribute to the reproduction of the artwork and a great end result.” We couldn’t agree more! DLD enjoys using HannoArt – Satin for its great printability, cost effectiveness and colour reproduction. Stephanie Mulder, Graphic Designer from DLD explains why. “We’ve found that HannoArt – Satin consistently produces great results, especially important when reproducing artwork. Another bonus is the stock’s environmental credentials, as the studio is always aware of trying to encourage the use of sustainable practice.” DLD have also introduced uncoated paper Grange Offset to contrast with the coated stock. The Sculpture Survey & Award 2012, 18 November 2012 – 14 July 2013 catalogue includes this sheet, chosen for its colour reproduction, ability to hold crisp detail, tactility and bulkiness. The identity and format for this catalogue required special treatment and stock selection to make it stand apart as the event is one of Australia’s most important outdoor sculpture exhibitions. In other words – it’s a big deal! Janet Laurence: The Alchemical Garden of Desire 18 November 2012 – 3 March 2013 and Aftermath: Landscape Photographs by John Gollings from Black Saturday 18 November 2012 – 3 March 2013 (both sewn and burst bound, with matt cello on the cover) are printed on HannoArt Satin and make up the suite of new designs. And for the exhibition invitations, the gallery now uses Barry Bleach Board 210gsm (with a gloss aqueous varnish on one side to make the colours pop and enhance the image detail) so the receiver has something more interesting to look at when the invite comes in the mail. As a whole, we really dig this new design direction. Makes for an enticing reason to drive down to Mornington. Road trip anyone? Sculpture_4 Sculpture_3  Sculpture_5 Sculpture_6 Sculpture_7