The John Laurie folio by duo_d_uo pops with blue

Title: John Laurie folio
Agency: Duo d uo (VIC)
Client: John Laurie, Photographer
Stocks: Skin Curious Collection – Indigo
Printing specs: Offset printed plus gold foil
Printed by: Moule Print (VIC)

We can barely contain our excitement looking at all this blue. It was an ‘oooooo’ moment. Duo d uo is the brainchild of Cam Diamond and Nic Hawker who believe to get the best design, you need to look at things from every angle. A recent project of theirs features Skin Curious Collection – Indigo, creating as they call it ‘a perfect complement to John’s bold photographs’. Who is John Laurie you ask? He’s an esteemed food, travel and portrait photographer that goes that extra mile to get the perfect shot. When Cam and Nick took on the project, they “knew it needed to be as enduring as the imagery it would hold.”

Duo d uo - John Laurie folio pic 2

The hard cover book had to be robust with all the paws that would be touching it. Duo d uo considered how scuffed and damaged it would get so they choose to use Skin, an anti-scuff stock. The outcome is a modern yet timeless book.

Duo d uo - John Laurie folio pic 3

As Cam explains: “The folio cases and covers were custom made by a book binder so we could line the inside in Skin Curious Collection to match the rest of the collateral. We were very lucky that we could find a cloth in the same shade of indigo to create such a seamless look. We chose this coloured stock to not have to overprint all the collateral, which was an added cost we wanted to avoid. We decided to foil the business cards in gold to create both a visual and touch contrast to the super smooth satin finish of the stock.”

Duo d uo - John Laurie folio pic 4

This project looks so damn appealing, we can’t work out if we want to touch it or eat it. It’s always about food with us. And paper. And dogs.

Duo d uo - John Laurie folio pic 5