Jasper Margaritis’ illustrations are mind blowing

Jasper Margaritis was born on 10 December 2001. His drawing skills are so impressive that we’re rather jealous. His series is called ‘Internals’, a set of intricate illustrations that are an imaginative and playful exploration of the inner life of objects, animals and creatures. We’re talking a cloud, turtle, castle bug, snake, jet plane, octopus, a muscle man and more. He has also turned some of his creations into greeting cards, printed on our very own specialty stock Wild.



Can you guess what he uses to create these inspiring images? It’s a humble Sharpie. A simple, black, Sharpie which he applies to the canvas with the skill of someone far beyond his years. Did we mention we’re jealous? Visit Jasper’s blog here.

Jasper’s dad is a dear customer of ours, George Margaritis from Peel Design. Thanks for the pics George!