Australian Printer covers a story on our wide format expansion

This article has been re-published, courtesy of Australian PrinterArticle appeared in their November 2015 edition in their ‘Buyers Guide: Consumables’ section.

“KW Doggett covers wide format media”

EXPANDING its Doggett Digital range to include wide format media, which also includes small format media, KW Doggett Fine Paper is continuing to help its customers adapt to an ever changing business environment.

Jon Roberts, national business development manager for Digital at KW Doggett, sees the wide format digital market in Australia as an exciting space. He says, “More of our customers are moving into the wide format space and creating demand for products so it makes sense to start providing them with what they need.”

The company already has the distribution and warehouse capabilities, so moving to cover wide format doesn’t present major logistical issues. Roberts says, “Our customers’ need for reliability means we always carry large inventory and as an added benefit, we operate our own fleet of trucks as well as employ local drivers that deliver twice daily to metro areas.”

The KW Doggett wide format range includes self-adhesives, banner vinyls, rigid media, paper and boards, synthetics and backlit products that will suit most wide format print systems and applications, for both indoor and outdoor use. He says, “The products in our range were chosen by a team with experience and proven industry knowledge, to specifically match the printing requirements of our customers.”


On side with Avery Dennison
THE push to move into wide format has seen KW Doggett team up with Avery Dennison.

Roberts says, “Key to our emergence into the wide format arena is our partnership with Avery Dennison. This positions us as the only paper merchant selling a large portfolio of the Avery Dennison wide format products in Australia.”

The company also distributes Avery Dennison’s self-adhesive sheets range for the offset and screen printing markets.

He says, “We have Avery monomeric and polymeric media/flexible banners/film series, Tacky wall/floor graphics and electrostatic, Sovereign foam/screen board and others. Printers can see the full range on our web site and we also offer converting services for media that comes in rolls.”

The company has also developed tools to assist its customers to better choose items from its wide format media range. This includes a wide format media guide – a handy reference tool that fits into customers kits that lists all of its range; a dedicated section on the KW Doggett web site listing full technical specifications, including tips for application and installation; internal training and training docs for the reps; and early next year KW Doggett will release a swatch for its customers dedicated to wide format media.

Roberts adds, “In the meantime, if anyone wants to request one of our wide format media guides, they should speak to their account manager or me via email at

“Since launching into wide format, the customer response has been fantastic. The service model we have, alongside the products that we have chosen, have worked out as the right ones so we will definitely expand further. Of course, that depends on what our customers need and want.”

“K W Doggett has brought its brand of business to the wide format market, and says it is offering the same reliable service, delivery standards and inventory levels its customers have come to expect.”


Pictured above: Jon Roberts, national business development manager for Digital at KW Doggett Fine Paper.

Doggett attitude means customer satisfaction
FROM a small start, KW Doggett has developed into a major player in the print industry. Ken Doggett started the business in 1975, using a borrowed desk in the office of TT Eadie. From that single desk, the company has grown into the biggest independent paper merchant in Australia.

KW Doggett has moved into wide format with eyes wide open and it brings a strong team to the game. Alongside Roberts there are around 25 account managers and paper specialists that work in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide.

Jon Roberts says, “Being new to this space, KW Doggett came in with the same high level of customer service it is known for in the industry.

“Our business was built on a solid foundation of family values by Ken and John Doggett. “You can still see that today, particularly with the second generation of the Doggett family now leading this customer focused business.

“KW Doggett understands that it is about putting customers at the heart of what it does. The company employs a passionate bunch of people, the best in the business.”